Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obviously I Am Wordy Today

And quite Pictur-y too!

Yes! We have more snow! We are at about six inches with more coming until about midnight.
It is a light fluffy snow so the van took minutes to clean off.
Pooldad went to the store shortly after this was taken.

It all looks like the last storm, doesn't it?
Well I am not going out it in so my picture taking opportunities are a bit limited.
Still, isn't it beautiful?
I wish everyone would stop trying to wish the winter away. It is still only January. It seems like Christmas ends and everyone wants Spring here.

[Pooldad just got back from the store and he DID buy me the dang aloe vera tissues. Ahhhhh]


Kathy's Klothesline said...

It is beautiful! Not here, though. We didn't get any snow, just the breath-taking cold air and the dreary overcast sky.

Rudee said...

We've had virtually no snow. I'm a little envious.