Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writing Limericks for Gail

Gail over At the Farm is having a contest for best Limerick. Well, I won her last contest :D so I wasn't going to enter, but she keeps cajoling me. It doesn't matter that I don't, can't and won't write poetry [even as simple and fun as a Limerick] but since I love her so much I agreed to play.
I want no guff about these, okay? I know they suck - you know they suck - no need to repeat the obvious, kay? Okay?

Here goes:
In Melbourne there is a woman named Gail.
Who is a friend to all without fail.
But she is forcing me to write,
this limerick, I fight!
But if I win I get a prize in the mail.
There once was a Momma named Skippy.
Her humor was somewhat [so] dippy.
This limerick, to write
and try as she might.
Did not result even ONE big, fat YIPPY!
[they aren't getting any better are they? :D]
A dachsund is a breed without peer.
Their owners hold them so dear.
But our lil' Spot
was not the "pick of the lot."
We got stuck with the dumbest, that's clear!
[no hate on Spottie's...y'all know my dog :D]
I want to be light as a feather.
To wear my my bikini in the warm weather.
But the holidays came,
and I ate without blame.
Now I can't see my "regions so nether."
Pooldad enticed me with a smile.
So we locked the door, full of guile.
The kids started banging!
I screamed "There'll be a hanging!"
And we got back to business they would think vile. [;D]
[this last one happened all the time when the kidlets were little]
I embarrass myself with how bad those are...but what's a girl to do when a friend asks? So, Gail I hope you enjoy. Pick one to enter - but uh...I am not expecting a prize. Y'think?


Gail said...

These are so funny!! and good too. Now pick one and place it on my site, rules say I must choose from there.
Admit it, you had fun!

SkippyMom said...

No pick and I will post. I wrote 'em....:D...

and I don't want to offend anyone LOL

Grammy said...


SkippyMom said...

Thanks Grammy! :D

Yvo said...

I think these are hysterical!!!