Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Two All Beef, Patties, Special Sauce, Lettuce....

...Cheese, Pickles, Onions on a Sesame Seed Bun!" Does anyone remember the contest McDonald's had many years ago? [somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 years ago?] The jist of the contest was you had to sing the ingredients to a Big Mac in under 10 seconds and if you did you won a free Big Mac. :D
Anyhoodle. I have been craving a Big Mac. We don't really eat fast food, but sometimes [maybe twice a year], I crave it. Pooldad is quite accomodating, but always warns me "Skippy you are going to be sick after eating it. You know it." He is right. I become really ill from fast food.
Meh. So, no Big Mac for me.
Or so I thought! My lovely, wonderful husband went to the store yesterday and bought all the ingredients for Big Macs and surprised me with dinner! WOOHOO! His thinking was, perhaps, if he made it at home I wouldn't become ill. He is all about trying to get me to eat and will happily make anything I suggest as long as I promise to eat it. [Half the time I don't...but - is the nature of the illness I suppose.]
Tadpoles - May I present:
The Big "Pooldad" [think his real name here!]

With steak fries [this is my plate, above]
This is the eldest's plate. Both girls scarfed the heck out of these! It was amazing.
I could only finish half of mine and two french fries [those suckers are BIG!]. No worries though, Pooldad happily polished off his Big Pooldad and my half. The dog ate the fries.
I felt great all night long. It was wonderful! I can't wait until he asks what we are having for lunch.
Big Pooldads Anyone?


Marni said...

They had another contest where you could win a prize if you sang it backwards -- I can still do that to this day.

Looks YUMMY! Mickey D's makes me sick as a dog... i never would have thought to make one ourselves.

Niki :-) said...

YUM! We had tuna casserole.

SkippyMom said...

Oh Niki, that is a family fav' too...what do you top yours with?

I like cornflakes - but my family [lil' snots] insist on cheese...sigh. So I half/half it.

In fact Dad is going out of town and that is what we are having on Monday :D

Yvo said...

Dearest, that is so sweet of him. He is really awesome to not just think of that, but then to do it :) Fast food doesn't make me sick though it makes me feel greasy and bloated - but I do get the poots from McDonald's mostly. I'll let your imagination tell you what poots are ;P