Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Made Me Jump....

I woke up at 3 am and have been watching TV and playing around on the computer. I even wrote a few limericks.

The time clicks down to when the kidlets wake and begin getting ready for school. The youngest is up at 7 am and the older is up at 7:30.

At 6 am the PHONE RINGS! It is right next to me and about made me jump out of the chair! Who the heck is calling US at 6 am? WHO?

Guess what? It snowed last night. No warning on the THREE hours of news we watched last evening...I wasn't watching news this morning [they tend to repeat the same stories ad nauseum, so I watch cable until GMA comes on] but still....NO warning at all last night, that maybe it would snow? Our weather people stink, especially Doug Hill. I said it Doug - you big baby - you are an awful weather guy. AWFUL!

Since all the curtains/shades are closed at night I didn't see outside to see the snow falling. Surprise!!

The phonecall was the automated school system call "Schools will be delayed one hour...." I swear I was getting ready to curse someone out for calling so early and scaring me half to death.

Bonus tho' - the kidlets get to sleep an extra hour! :D


Gail said...

An automated call system...what an amazing idea! We have to check the radio or computer to know or just wait and if the bus doesn't school.
I love the morning times, when things are quiet and there are no voices but the ones inside my head.

SkippyMom said...

Gail I didn't know we had one...Pooldad signed up for it and it about scared the beejebus out of me.

I do like the hours between 3 am and 7 am too....Pooldad and I can have time together [when he gets up at 6:30] and I have those few hours to myself....

Then again, I am alone all day when they are in school, so I can't complain :D

Amy said...

I HATE it when the phone rings early in the morning. I love those mornings when I wake up early and can have a couple hours in the silent house. Hope it's not too icy!