Monday, January 26, 2009

Too Bad...I'm Sad

Pooldad left today on a three day trip to Atlantic City, NJ for the annual Swimming Pool Convention. [I had to capitalize that-because you have to understand what an absolute BIG DEAL this convention is tadpoles.]

Sigh. I had completely forgotten that this was the week he was to go. He didn't sign on to go, nor remind me about it, because he was afraid to leave me here with the girls - he was afraid they wouldn't know what to do if my illness flared while he was gone.

We were chatting this past Friday and he mentioned that he had to work full-on M, Tu and Wed this week to cover the office because everyone else was going to the convention. We talked about why he wasn't going and we [the girls and I] assured him that everything would be fine and that it is very important that he go. [It really is a big deal.]

He left this morning, but not before stockpiling the pantry and 'fridge with enough food for a football team - [$150 worth] - He made me laugh! I already had groceries for the week - now we have groceries for 3 weeks - and a lot of toilet paper. Jeesh, the man is only going to be gone until Wednesday! But, if it makes him feel better then I will gladly partake in all the lil' goodies he bought us!

I do miss him when he is gone, as we are rarely apart. I usually go on these trips with him, but he knew I wouldn't want to venture too far from home this year, so he didn't [initially] consider going. It did take quite a bit of cajoling to get him out the door; still he knows we are going to be fine and he is going to have an awesome time! They are staying in a 4 star hotel and all food/bev/entertainment/transpo is paid for. We even raided our piggy banks/mailbox bank so he could play $5.00 in a slot machine for "his girls" - tho' he doesn't gamble I bet he wins a few dollars...he is lucky that way. :D

One of the last things he said as he was leaving was "Girls make sure you wait on your Mother hand & foot." The three of us kind of googly eyed eachother and I retorted "Uh, honey...they already do." Which is very true, hence why we looked at eachother so funny. The kids were mumbling "Duh, Dad" under their breath.

I may get lucky as we are expecting snow. If we get even 2 inches the schools will cancel and then I will have the girls with me! It wasn't supposed to start until tomorrow, but it is snowing right now. YAY snow!

Now I have to decide what to do with myself for 2 1/2 days. Any suggestions?


Marni said...

Relax and eat junk food.

Have a great time.

And Pool Dad has some beautiful eyes... I've never noticed that before!

SkippyMom said...

I love 'em because they are so crinkly [from laughing/smiling] all the time...and they really are that blue. sigh....

Okay - I am off to go make a cake. mmmm, bundt cake.

Gail said...

Enjoy your girl time.
Ice is moving in here.

SkippyMom said...

I am sorry for the ice Gail. Take good care of yourself, the family and the animals. I wish I was there to help.

I think I don't enjoy my time when he is gone, although I love the kidlets, I think the point is...I really LIKE being around Pooldad.

He is simply my best friend.

Amy said...

I hate it when the husband is gone. Have fun with your girls, I say movies, and sugar!