Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!

This is my Dad. Hi Papa!He was the hardest worker I have ever known. He was set in his ways and they are convictions that I hold true to this day. He taught me so much and I miss him.
He could laugh really hard at spectacularly bad "B" movies and Roadrunner cartoons while the TV was on volume 50 [think Infomercials on HIGH!]. He was always more entertaining then the show.
Pooldad and Papa loved to play golf together. P/D says that my Dad had the most beautiful draw on a golf course and was the coolest guy he ever played golf with.
When my Dad passed Pooldad snuck a yellow golf ball in his casket. Our family loved it. So would've my Dad.
I could write volumes, but I think I will leave you with this little vignette of familylife. Picture my Mom, my older sister, my older brother, me and Pooldad.
Sis: So what did you put in with Dad, Skippy?
Skip: You mean in the casket, with Dad?
Mom: Yes. What was your memento?
Skip: Well, since Dad loved to play the lottery I put a Pick 6 ticket pays 10 mil.
Bro: Really?
Mom: Really?
Sis: Really?
Skip: um...yes...he loved the lottery and Bro put in vodka, so what is wrong with a ticket?
Sis: Nothing...but uh...I mean I put in Marlboro Light cigarettes....
Mom: [hurriedly interrupting Sis] Nothing is wrong at all Skippy, really at all - ah - that is sweet..but did you, y'know..write them down...the numbers?
Skip: You don't mean did I write it down in case he wins?
Bro: Well yes...did you write down the numbers dumbshit? [Yes, in the limo, on the way to the burial, he called me dumbshit]
Skip: The numbers to the lottery ticket? huh?
Sis/Mom: [practically yelling] YES!!!!!!!!
Skip: um...sure. [I didn't really write them down but I said yes because I thought we would be attacked if I said no-believe me I could've cared was a SYMBOL tadpoles.]
Mom/Bro/Sis: [sigh of relief]
Mom: [Believing I am as shallow as everyone else in the limo blood related to ME] Good, well at least we will know if it is a winning ticket.
Skip: 0_o!!!! [I said NOTHING]
A few moments later I turned to my husband and whispered:
"Like I would so DIG my father up for the winnings? Are they nuts?"
And now you know why I don't EVER post about my immediate family.


Gail said...

Hilarious! We all have the ones that need to be locked away but you would not have had that wonderful story. Plus, I bet you Dad would have loved it.

Yvo said...

My dad's birthday was on December 28. I was going to post about it too but then thought I should move away from the somber, I was depressed enough - and on a food blog! For shame! I hate when food blogs talk about non-food things ;)
This is really sweet. I was giggling a little because I thought this was going in a different direction. Let's just say... I would be yelled at too :)

MelMel said...

Hi there, sorry you were upset about the swap.....

Amy said...

That was just what I needed to read after a bad night! SO funny!

Dad's are a hard thing to lose. Hope you had a nice day of memories.

Niki :-) said...

What a handsome man! Happy happy day. Thanks for the visit! Did the pkg come yet?