Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Letter R, Zentangles and a Groundhog

This is a card I drew for a swap for Groundhog Day. The inside says "ALREADY?" 'Cause don't y'all feel like that? Wasn't Christmas, like, last week? Huh, buh?..... My papercuts haven't healed yet. That lil' snot better see his shadow and get us all out of winter. now please :D
This is a Zentangle/Doodle envelope I drew for a swap I have. I am supposed to mail this to my partner. I am going to use white labels for the to/from addresses, but does anyone seriously think this thing is going to make it through the USPS? Naw, me neither....

Gizmo has memed me to list my favorite things beginning with the letter R. Giz, this was hard, but since you were so gracious as to name a goat baby for a member of my family [SQUEEE!] I will try and do this - I didn't know if I could come up with ten without stretching it a bit.

If anyone wants to play, just leave a comment and I will offer you a letter.

Okay - My favorite things beginning with the letter R [these are really not in order of importance - more in the order of how I have come up with them in the past few days]:

1. Recipes - I love reading, researching and receiving recipes. I love to cook and I find that the more recipes I discover [through the above mentioned methods] the better cook I am.

2. Reading - I love to read anything. At anytime...books, the interwebs, the newspaper, cereal boxes, the ingredients on the aspirin bottle? I am reading.

3. Receiving snail-mail - LOVE it...the internete-mail is great, but there is a tactile pleasure to holding a piece of USPS mail in your hand - knowing your pal/buddy/swap partner thought of you for the few minutes it took to mail it.

4. Rat dogs - Okay, this may be a stretch, but we are always calling our Spottie a "rat dog"..because she resembles a rat - low to the ground, stubby legs, long tail. So, yeah, rat dogs. [Also to include Jack Russels and doohicky dogs/Min Pins].

5. Red - The color red. My living room is red, black, green and yellow [it works, don't worry :D] but the predominant color is red. I also like to wear red clothing. It seems to work with my pale skin/fair hair. [I think so anyway] [oh, and just so you know that should read "sickly palor/dyed blond hair :D]

6. Refried Bean burritos - oh, YUM! I don 't care for much mexican/tex-mex food but I love refried beans...put it in a burrito - all the better!

7. Resale stores - Goodwill, Catholic Charities, etc. I have bought some of the best [brand new/gently used] clothing for pennies when my kids were I just like them for the kitsch in my house. And tadpoles, I need kitsch!

8. Real crime television shows/books - I love true crime stories where people do stupid things and expect not to be caught. The whole "What? Huh...? Life insurance? I was cheating on him? What does that have to do for a motive to kill my husband? Whaaaa? No, no...that bloody axe has NOTHING to do with his death. Honest." I have to laugh - I should probably call #8. Really Stupid criminals, because the crack me up. Don't they know that a) Divorce IS an option and 2) the cops ARE going to catch your butt?

9. Robin Roberts - Who does not love this Host of "Good Morning America"? Is she not amazing, a TRUE inspiration? YES! and is it a huge bonus that she is highly intelligent, well raised, articulate, funny AND gorgeous? I want to be Robin Roberts when I grow up - or in my next life. I will say again - an inspiration. Love you Robin!

10. Respect - I think that if everyone, everywhere gave everyone a bit more respect that the world would be a better place. It warms my heart when I see people in public actually respect eachother by holding a door or saying a yes ma'am to a elderly person or a simple please and thank you? Maybe a hello and how are you to your clerk? I don't know....I guess I am a little old fashion on that one, but it would be nice if it made a resurgence. I love it and I don't see it enough.

Again, if you would like a letter to play along, just let me know. I would love to read more!

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday - GO STEELERS!


Marni said...

I'll take a letter please.

Thank you, ma'am... :)

Linda and Denny said...

What???? January is over?????? Are you sure?????

In April we can drive the 780 miles to Alabama in one day (!) to get our trailer and bring it back to Ohio to live in our own "house" while we deal with my mother's issues. So I guess I'd just as soon the next three months went as quickly as January.