Monday, January 5, 2009

'Cause I Have a Rockin' Mother In Law

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[C]Argyle Ride
[you will get this in a second, enjoy!]
It is a known fact that my most fabulous MIL is NOT a dog lover. It isn't that she doesn't like dogs as much as she is shy/afraid around them.

Exception: our dog SPOT [dog pictured in bad fashion wear]

She loves our doggie and our doggie worships her. It is so weird. Still, it is what it is. When anyone comes to visit our home they are barked at, looked over and screened the entire time they are here.

Not my Mom. Nope. You best stay out of the way for the lovefest that occurs every time that my Mom shows up. These two are something else.

Well....that explains this sweater. It is a gift from her beloved "Grandma"...and she wears it. Ahem.

Here is the reason why: Spottie LOVES car rides. If she can finagle her way into "Big Red" [Dad's truck] and position herself shotgun she is a happy pup. Unfortunately it is cold here in the east and she isn't able to ride in the SUV at her whim. She is a shivering lil' thing within 10 seconds.

MIL fixed that. She bought Spot this cute lil' argyle sweater. Now, you have to understand that Spot the Dot does not take kindly to clothing. Of any kind. No matter what. No matter how and she will eat the offending clothing off her body. We have tried.

Until..... she discovered that argyle ugliness = vroom, vroom.


This dog will JUMP into that sweater if she knows it involves four tires and an engine that cranks up. [I had to qualify that as "Big Red" is kind of a piece of shit...giggle...]

She may not be stylin'...but she is sooooooooo profiling.........


Yvo said...

LOL LOL LOL at the first pic (which didn't show up in my RSS feed- did you add it later?) !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love it! My dog is the same way, she hates clothes... but I bought her a sweatshirt that I'm making her wear when we go out now because it's too dang cold otherwise. I love it!!! And my BF's dad? Did I mention he's a bald biker dude? Leather and all, chains and like, one of those guys you don't mess with if you know what's good for you? Well when he spots my doggie (and who doesn't love her) he turns into a big ball of mush and is all crooning and swooning over her, picks her up, cradles her like a baby (which she totally is), and hug her, and yeah... (yes he wants grandchildren sooner than I want to give them, lol) It's too funny to watch, and she hams it up and loves that stuff from him. She can't get enough. It's adorable :) (he doesn't even get that way with his own dog, though his dog is not cuddle-able)

Marni said...

That is so funny! Spoot looks thrilled.

Great minds think alike -- I just wrote a post about Dozer wearing his first shirt!

Gail said...

Any thing for a ride!

Amy said...

I love the pictures you post of your dog. I think I want a wiener dog like yours just so I can dress it in sweaters like that.

Too cute.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

That reminds me of a dog my SIL had. Her name was Muffin and she was the cutest little black ball of fur you have ever seen. She love me - and I mean LOVED me. My SIL lived 1100 mile away so we didn't see each other very often but that dog never forgot how much she loved me.

She loved part of me more than the rest of me. My feet... Yes, my feet. I could not walk in my SILs house without that dog literally wrapping herself around my feet. I'd sit down and she'd sit or lay down across my feet. It was hysterical.

And, no - they did not stink. She was especially fascinated with my toes. I really miss that dog.