Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Banner day! Dad arrived home around 2 pm. We have been catching up and he has been telling me all about his trip. He ate a $50 steak - wow! He did say it was delicious.
He brought presents-
The postcard is the hotel where they stayed - The Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ
Aren't the stuffies cute? "Swim safely" y'all :D
The youngest made a sign!
Of course no "Welcome Home" is complete without a cake, complimented with
candles and party picks.
[Do not leave your 11 year old alone in the kitchen. This is the result.]
I ~
I am so happy - it is great to have him home. Funniest thing? I started teasing the dog about an hour before he arrived - saying "Where's Daddy, where's Daddy?" She barked at me for a solid hour and lost about 2 pounds running to and from me and the window.
We all missed our Dad. :D YAY! [He has to work tomorrow and then he has 5 days off! I love the pool business in the winter ...heehee!]


Grethe Kristin said...

So nice.My husband have been away from 9 of january in Oxenard, L.A on jobb.We do hope he will come home next week.
Now I think i will make him a cake too.Have a nice day.

Yvo said...

What is that counter on your sidebar?

That sounds lovely! The Borgata is the newest and arguably the nicest (and most expensive) hotel in AC right now. Glad he's home! I do that to my dog too, "Where's daddy?!" and she'll run to the door really excited lol :)