Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yes, Yes, a BIG NO and a Yes

YES - Going to celebrate our anniversary, quietly, at a hotel with room service and no kidlets.
YES! - Being able to leave the kidlets home alone while we celebrate our anniversary overnight. Came home and the house is still standing and they are alive :) Bonus!

A BIG FAT NO - for Embassy Suites Hotel in Herndon, VA. Because....
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: 6:05 pm Sunday - Ms. Dillshad called us back and was very nice. Removed the room charge and offered a free night's stay - very apologetic. The following happened, but she realized it shouldn't have and has welcomed us back with the promise of a personal room check. I will, once again, try this hotel. But the third time has best not "be the charm"...:)

This is a hotel that we have stayed at 6 times in the last year. It is a suite hotel, local to our home, and we enjoyed the first 4 stays...but have experienced a few problems on our last two visits.

Our fifth visit wasn't so bad, but we took umbrage to the dirty sheets that had blood on them. Ewwww....We informed management just becuase we thought that perhaps they should KNOW that housekeeping may be shirking the bed changing part? We weren't looking for compensation - but they gave us a coupon for $25 off in the restaurant. Entrees start at $20 - so that was nice....we never used it.

Then last night we decided to go have a quiet night, just the two of us, for our anniversary. The other Embassy Suites we like more [Tyson's Corner VA] was booked, so we decided to give Herndon another try.

Big Mistake.

Do you know we found blood on the sheets again? What is up with that?...but that wasn't the worst part.....and come to think of it neither was the 3 inch burn mark in the duvet or the loss of TV for 2 hours this morning...nope.

One guess what Pooldad spent the entire night doing....

PLUNGING THE TOILET. The first time it backed up around 5 pm we called maintenance. They plunged it, we tipped the guy and he left. The next time we flushed it did it again. Pooldad called down to the front desk and BROUGHT HIM THE PLUNGER. [grrrrrrrrr] Everytime for the rest of the night it backed up and got the floor wet. 10 pm PLUNGE, 11 pm PLUNGE 2:30 am get the idea.

I was fed up. I have worked at a hotel before, for a few years before I met Pooldad and I was management. This is completely unacceptable and not the way to handle this. When we spoke to the front desk they gave us two $25 coupons for the restaurant and took $25 off the room rate. I explained to them that was not enough - that we weren't coming back so the restaurant coupons were useless and that either they comped the room or I was notifying VISA and obtaining a chargeback for the remainder of the price.

Don't get me wrong...We happily pay for services we use and don't complain like entitlement whores to get free stuff. We have both worked service/retail for too long to abuse the system and have had it done to us too many times.

But seriously...instead of moving us or actually fixing the problem [clean sheets? a working toilet?] they basically paid Pooldad $25 to do it all evening/night.

This is not the way we wished to spend our night. Oh, they did offer to take off our room service charges but we refused that because that penalizes the room service people/restaurant and they did an excellent job. Our problem is with housekeeping, maintenance and the front desk.

They told me they couldn't comp the room because they weren't managers and the manager wouldn't be in until 3 pm. Well Ms. Dillshad - I will be calling you at 3 pm. And once you provide me with an email I will forward the pics of the disaster of a night we had. Then I expect this to be taken care of correctly.

OH...and did I mention they actually gave Pooldad a stack of rag towels to clean up any water mess that occured? Jeesh....

One more YES - to room service, which was delicious, timely and hot - thanks guys and also a yes to spending time [in between plunging] with my lovely husband.

Happy Anniversary Pooldad. I love you!


Rudee said...

That's disgusting. I agree you should be compensated for the entire room rate, but I wouldn't stop there. You should call the health department.

christopher said...

Happy Anniversary. Sorry it wasn't all you had hoped for. I hope you and Pooldad enjoyed each others company though and enjoyed your anniversary.

SkippyMom said...

We did Chris...I hope I made that clear.

We could be in a cardboard box somewhere and have just as much fun.

We are just so tired now.

Yvo said...

What were you guys DOING that you used the toilet that much?! LOL I am just teasing. I see everything was resolved so I can tease ;)