Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Real Quick

Yummy! I am sure everyone has made the following meal [or have had it in a restaurant] but it is the first time our family has combo'd these together. I have to say - it is the rotation to stay.

We had Marinated Chicken Breasts grilled with Caesar Salad and yeast rolls on the side. Pooldad marinated the [thin] chicken breasts in Italian dressing and then grilled them up quick [10 minutes?]. The girls whipped up the salad [the Dole mix they sell at the grocery store - Don't judge it was extremely on sale!] - Oh, it was so good and fast.

Then we had homemade sugar cookies for dessert with Haagen Daas Lemon Sorbet. [Buy stock in the Lemon Sorbet tadpoles, really - I just discovered it and it is an addiction I am not ashamed to admit, hee - best part? So low fat - 110 calories per serving and you can't exceed a serving as it is really too tart.]

and Yes. I am officially stuffed. :D YAY!


Gail said...

Any left overs?

Rudee said...

I'm starving.

Amy said...

Yum. That is one of those recipes I had forgotten about. I think I know what we will have tonight.