Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sometimes Even SKIPPY snaps; I am Tired of The Whining

I have the nickname, Skippy, for a reason. Still, sometimes it gets to be too much with blogs I pass over. And I need to say:


Just shut up.

Now I want to clarify NONE of my blogroll is going to find themselves in this post - these are other bloggers I click over to from blogs I already read.

BUT I SWEAR TO LIFE'S LITTLE GREEN APPLES IF I READ THESE ONE MORE TIME I am doing something...I don't know, but dammit, something.

My first and favorite has driven me nuts for years. She will recognize herself, but would do herself a great service in NOT posting a comment. If she likes then she is more then welcome to post a comment, but it would be a huge mistake. Don't do it.

1. This is the blog that constantly whines "I never have any money" - but she posts about the concerts, movies and extraneous pets they cannot afford. They are steps away from eviction and CRY, CRY, CRY because they can't afford rent, food, meds or basic living expenses. The "husband" is forever being laid off, no fault of his own according to them [before the recession], the parental/maternal family sucks, nothing is the bloggers fault.

Just shut up already. When anyone offers salient advice to this blogger [via blog, email or phone] she blows it off with another excuse of why that won't work. This blogger doesn't want help - she justs wants to whine and get sympathy - I wonder how many more months, [years?!] people will tolerate it. It is so old.

Stay out of the movie theatre and the concert hall and get a life. Get help. Learn to budget your money so we don't have to hear about why you don't have money for food/meds but that CONCERT WAS SO TOTALLY AWESOME.
And stop haunting my blog. It annoys me.

[ETA at 2 PM - May 8 - talk about haunting my blog. She has a new post up - 5 hours this one was orginally posted - that addresses everything I mention above. I would never have written a single word of the above paragraphs had this blogger actually told anyone that 1. The rent is paid [never mentioned anywhere when they finally paid it off] 2. She is finally on her meds with no problems [not mentioned anywhere until now?] 3. Her family life with the relatives is [now] great 4. Her relationship with her "husband" is so wonderful - he just left her a few months ago, now he is back and it is peachy? YAY! Her blog wouldn't annoy me if she just told the truth, but it is whine, whine, whine..and then I call her on it on my blog and suddenly it is all daisies and lollipops! WEEHAW! Well I am happy for her, honestly. Now what the hell is she going to whine about? Can't wait.]

This next blog isn't attached to anyone on my blogroll, I just found her. She is the most self centered piece of crap I have ever met [on the net or in person]. She is beyond pale in her mind and can do no wrong. She shoves her greatness down your throat at all cost and she dares you/anyone to defy her. I did.

2. She whines "Someone stole my copyrighted screen name". First off you CANNOT copyright a screen name; you can only trademark it. Your blog isn't as popular as you think it is [15 comments avg. a day] how would the woman using it even know you even existed? Get it right and stop threatening the woman that inadvertantely used the name you use. Jeesh - she has more right to it than you do at this point. Check you pomopous ass and then you can whine. You aren't in TESS so YOU.DO.NOT.HAVE.THE.TRADEMARK. on the most common name for anyone who has ever waited tables as a female ...get over yourself. **She can copyright her blogs contents but her name is not copyrighted - she has to buy a trademark.

Finally I have to add this niche I stumble upon on a daily basis:

You're a bigot and/or a racist.

I can't count how many of the blogs I click over to are exactly like this. If you see yourself here, then talk about it on YOUR blog. Leave me out of it. I already know you are a bigot/racist and I will reply as such in comments. Once. I am tired of you slamming our President.

3. Stop whining about OBAMA and claiming you aren't a bigot. You are. It has nothing to do with the Democrats winning the White House instead of the Republicans. You can mask it anyway you want, but, in truth, you are a racist. I hate it. Normal discussions about partisan -bi partisanship leadership are fine, but you all are so over the top that it borders on a hate crime. I am tired of it. And your angry rebuttals about not being a racist only prove to make you more guilty.

Just say it - You HATE that an African American is in the White House - how dare the American Public do this to you?...Bite me. And stop trying to defend that you aren't racist. YOU ARE.

I don't care if any of you agree with me. I have my own issues that I DON'T bring to the table of this blog. That is my choice - but for those of you that bring them to your blogs - take the advice given, learn and move on. The horse is DEAD, get off and move on.

I don't live a perfect life and I have never claimed to - but damn...STOP THE WHINING. It isn't one post with these folks, it is several...and it gets old...and I know I can "change the channel" and move on and not read these blogs - I could, but it fascinates me that so many people go back again and again to give support when they keep doing the same damn things. I don't comment - there is no point.

These people want to hear what they want to hear and if they don't hear what they want then their arguments are ridiculous. I guess that is the fun in watching the trainwreck in what they show themselves as.



Rudee said...

Yes-I avoid the whiners too, though I'm more inclined to not visit or just click off. There are at least a half a dozen versions of a knitting nurse. None that dispense nursingpurls of wisdom though-like me.

BTW, is the wench shaping up, or is she still taking advantage? Inquiring minds want to know.

Marni said...

Whew - glad I'm on your blogroll! giggle

Yvo said...

Nooo I'm sorry I'll stop whining I promise~!!! Hahaha. I whine constantly on my personal blog (back when I kept one) and people came back to read all the time! I didn't understand it... but whatever. *shrug* Guess people want to see someone 'worse off' than they... but I like to believe that I whined about stuff I couldn't change and changed the stuff I could :)

15 comments a day! I'm lucky if I get 5! <333 Hehehe. Someone wrote a book using "my" blogname and I was kind of irritated by it, especially given that the subtitled was "Give the b*tch her chocolate" and I don't even like chocolate that much!

And hey, I'm not a racist! I just don't agree with his politics ;)

Oh, btw, at least these are blogs. I know several people who fall into the first category and I just want to slap them a few times. The worst is that in a more abstract sense, so many people I know will complain and complain about something and then do nothing to change it, I just want to ... throw down. Anyways. Thanks for making me giggle

bulletholes said...

Its oK, i know its off topic, but there are three names that when I hear them I just have to sing that song....

Antway, the first blog I ever looked at, it was his first post ever, I kept going back to it, and tried to be supportive and all that, but he just went whacko and so i got my own whacko blog and he's history. If he still had a blog, I'd probably still be trying to support him, and going back and getting pissed off about what he'd written.
But I don't.

Hi Skippy

christopher said...

hehe, i love your blog. :D