Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Skippy, not Sippy!

I have a question for you tadpoles. Please tell me what you think.
I have a lovely penpal who resides in NY. We exchange letters and small gifts on a bi weekly/monthly basis. I adore her and I love that we keep in touch.
Here is the thing - she never gets my first name right. In the interest of not divulging my real name - some of you know it and you will guess what she is doing - I will use "Skippy" as an example.
She keeps leaving out one letter. Without the one letter it is still a real name, but it is not mine. So instead of "Skippy" she puts "Sippy" on everything. Growning up it drove me nuts when people would mispronounce my name - it is as tho' they didn't even bother to read it. And I hate being called "Sippy".
Here in lies the problem. She is a much older woman [think my grandma] and I would hate to offend her by pointing out my actual name is "Skippy" - but wouldn't it be nice if she knew my real name? It is a minor thing in the big picture but it is driving me bananas.
Opinions please?


Marni said...

I have an aunt that misspells my name to this day... and AUNT. And she spells J-man's actual name with a G.

I've had an unusual name all my life. I just roll my eyes and give in.

But that is me. If it bothers you, make a joke out of it and bring it up that way.

Yvo said...


Oh wait, hehe. Not me. Actually I'm going crazy trying to figure out what name she's spelling because I'm daft and can't figure out what letter to leave out... lol. Admittedly at first I kept thinking your name had a different letter towards the end... =X

ANYWAYS... I think it's a hard call, if you've been talking to her all this time and she never got it right or you never corrected her it might be awkward. Me, I can't keep my mouth shut, the first time someone says it wrong, I'm all "Uh, yeah, it's YVO"... although a few PR people used to email me and address it to IVO... and I'd responded, signing off once again as YVO... thinking they'd get the hint. Nope never did.

So maybe if you can make her a card and make all lower case letters and then add back that letter she keeps skipping but in CAPS... she might get the cute nudge?

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

I am with Marni and Yvo on this one.

Rudee said...

You win some, you lose some. Maybe she learned it one way and is not capable of relearning.

bulletholes said...

Me? I'd let it slide. I think her age earns her some slack. You might mention it jokingly, in a lighthearted manner, see if it sticks, but I sure wouldn't turn it into an issue.