Sunday, May 10, 2009

'Cause He Lives to Entertain

Yesterday Pooldad was in the local card store looking for a Mother's Day card for me. While searching he happened to pick one up he thought was nice and opened it up to read the inside.

Suddenly the card started to SING really LOUD "Love is a many splendid thing...". He quickly shut the card and said, out loud "Shit, I would be divorced over THAT!"

He hadn't noticed there was a woman shopping at the end of the aisle. She was laughing her behind off and wiping the tears from her eyes. She smiled at Pooldad and said "Thanks for that."

He is my own Rodney Dangerfield :D Aren't I lucky? hee


Amy said...

That sounds like something Steve would do!

Hope you had a great Mothers day with your family.
Enjoy the last hour and 47 minutes of it!

Linda and Denny said...

Nothing is more enervating than a good belly laugh--I bet that woman felt good all day after that!

Yvo said...

Haha for V-day, I opened my card to find it singing at me "IT's YOUR thang, do what you wanna DOOOO" and I was like WTF? and he couldn't stop laughing at me.... sigh!