Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sometimes a Moniker is Just That

I was leaning because that Rockfish was heavy! :) - and no comments on my haircut/lack of a touch up- I like it

When your blog name is "WaiterExtraordinaire" everyone knows - you are a waiter with great critique.

When your blog name is "It's a Pugs Life" you surely own Pugs. And cuties at that.

When your blog name is "FeistyFoodie" everyone knows to go for good eats. And wonderful reviews.

Right? And all the above is very true.

Well, when you see the moniker is "SkippyMom" [from "I Make Soap"] don't you smile? Seriously...don't you? Something about Skippy just turns up the sides of your mouth, doesn't it? There is nothing untoward, nothing mean - it is all happy. Happy. Happy. Happy.


What happens when the nom de plume of that particular blog loses her Skippyness? When she tries to ease in the bad news to her few [although quite loyal] tadpoles and attempts to intersperse it with the inane and the funny, but the bad catches up faster. What do you do?

Do I stop blogging because there aren't a whole lot of happy, happy days or do I continue on and share? Share that it took an hour to write this post because my fingers are stuck in straight mode due to the swelling? Or do I share that silly story that Scooby "told me" woowoowoo to get Wallene out of bed this morning? [Seriously, have you ever had a very large dog tell you something? He wasn't barking, he was simply "talking" was silly, but it worked - he woke her up!]

I missed y'all the last time I left. I left with no warning - but this time Chris is expecting a baby with Jo, Yvo is finishing a degree, Marni is coming this way for vacation, Linda & Denny should be through VA sometime, I want to follow Gail's lovely home renovation and Waiter is there with his sage advice and lovely family. Not to mention the smiles and laughs I receive from Rudee, Gizmo [plus a goat! :)] and especially Amy with her beautiful kidlets and then to sum up - the wonderful Pumpkin and Anita. If you can't tell - I love you guys...but my moniker is now a misnomer I am afraid. Sorry.

So do I sit around and post happy nonesense or do I let y'all read how the disease is affecting me or do I just walk away?


Rudee said...

Nah. Don't go away-let it rip. Here's the thing though, don't let lupus beat your spirit down. It will if you let it. So let's talk about it and bash it as much as possible.

And don't forget about idle hands and all that Skippy. They really are the devil's workshop.

Lastly, the real mission of that dog is to make you do something. During times of human illness, he'll be your salvation. Give him a cookie for me. Good Dog.

SkippyMom said...

Rudee do you know my first and most beloved Chessie [which Scooby is] was named Rudy?

I have a strong affinity for you...and I thank you. He is a good buddy and a huge goof! I know he was just like your beloved. I wish I could share. You would love him.

Amy said...

OH, Skippy, don't go away! I think you had mentioned the lupus before, and I still read. We all have bad days - you're just honest enough to write them.

Maybe I should write about how I have been puking my guts out since Clara gave me the flu - would that make you feel better?

Hang in there. I love your posts, even if I don't comment on every one. Most likely it is because the baby is sitting in my lap and insists on using the mouse.

Linda and Denny said...

Since you held my hand over the Internet while I sat vigil and grieved over my mother I can't imagine not returning the favor for you by being there while you document your battle with lupus.

So right now you're not Skippy? Right now we're not RV Vagabonds, either. Have we given up that identity? Of course not, we're just traveling a different road right now. And I have no doubt that you will be Skippy again but in the meantime we'll follow along with whoever you have to be to exist and maintain right now. Deal?

And a talking dog? Oh yeah--he could have a great conversation with the cat who has terrific verbal and non-verbal skills to get me up in the morning, put food out for her and get off my butt to take her out for a walk.

christopher said...

Please don't go away. We kinda like you around here. Let us support your through this tough time since isn't that what the internet is for? Isn't it one giant support group/therapy session? Though maybe not for porn addicts ;)
Seriously though. I really missed you the last time you left, and like the others here, I'd like to be here to support you through the tough times and laugh with you through the good times.
Your internet tadpoles love you. :) Just so you know.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

SkippyMom keep on blogging.You do not have to blog everyday but keep doing it.You have a lot of friends through your posts. Just blog when you want to , good or bad news. I have to find out about lupus cause I have heard of it but know little of it.Enjoy the summer with family but think of this blog as an extended family. Just keep in touch when you want. You are a very positive person.

Yvo said...

We talked briefly about this through email... but you should be you. Hey, I'm not always my given name, and I've met people who are NEVER quite suited to their given names, either. (Ever met a Tom that was more like a DICK or a HARRY?) No one can be Yippy Skippy all the time (or someone like me, in a bad mood, might come along and punch them in the head ;) hehe)... but that's okay, it's what makes you human and part of what makes us love you so much. We're here for you (as all the comments before me testify!) and don't mind one bit. Besides I am hardly ever Feisty on my blog because I decided it wasn't healthy to always be bitchy especially given the topic is food. It only comes out when you know, something happens. Be upbeat when you want and let it all hang out when you can't.