Saturday, May 23, 2009

It Feels Like Groundhog Day

I am not going to retiterate/regurgitate/repeat the stupid story of the idiot that is Drew Peterson.

Can anyone explain to me WHY everyday I turn on the news he is on? Every single freaking day.

He killed his 3rd wife. The cops screwed up. He killed his 4th wife and thumbed his nose. The cops screwed up again.

Would someone please fry his ass? Yesterday?

And take the whore in FL that killed her daughter with him.


Rudee said...

Skippy, that's all well and good, but tell me how you really feel.

SkippyMom said...

OMG Rudee I laughed so hard~ thank you.

Sorry, but I hate the guy and I am so sick of him on TV. The wheels of justice are just turning way too slow on this case.

Marni said...

He is a complete and total douche that thought he got away with the perfect murder -- twice.

I can't wait until the day they wipe that smug smile off his face for good.

desert miniac said...
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