Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Ten

Day Ten:  Someone you need to let go or wish you didn't know.

           Skippy                                                                                                     Jay
Well, this should be easy.


I have talked about my brother before but the answer to this question doesn't just balance on the past few years.

I sometimes think my brother was switched at birth, or stolen from the Gypsies [they should've been so lucky] or...something.  He certainly didn't turn out like anyone I ever wanted to be related to [am related to] or friends with when I think about everything he has done.  To my parents, my sister, me, his children, his wives, girlfriends, friends, co workers - cats? - Wow, writing that I just realized he has messed with a lot of people.  I think after looking at the picture I can see quite a few of us there, including his eldest daughter, that he harmed in some way or another.

A very big problem with Jay is that he is selfish.  He is selfish to the point of not having a conscious.  I think that part of his brain was left out.  Narcissism doesn't even begin to describe how self absorbed the man is.  ::headdesk:: at the thought.

I could tell you stories all day long - Like he was drunk, falling down drunk, at all three of his weddings [we had to hunt him down twice to get married] - he cheated on all of his wives, while dating them, during their marriages and while he "tried" to save thoses marriages.  The sweet lady in that picture sitting one away from my brother was one of his greatest "dating/I am going to marry you" victims.  I have never seen any man treat a woman like he played her.  Thank god she didn't marry him.  She saved herself. Another interesting soap opera tidbit is that he slept with my best high school girlfriend a week before his first wedding.  I was so fortunate to be privy to those details.  Both sides.  Bleech. 

It isn't just the relationship fiascos though.  It is the theft, the drugs, the lies, the verbal and physical abuse.

Then there is the charm.  THAT is the biggest problem.  He is a charmer.  He can lie his pants off [and often does] to get what he wants.  And people believe him.  It amazes me - regardless of what other people tell the victim they brush it off and say "Oh no, not me.  Jay would never do THAT to me."  Do you know I have been fielding phones calls since I was a High School Freshman trying to deflect awful things he has done?  .  

The list is endless - and I wish I could say I embellished what I just wrote - but I truly can't. He is a piece of work.  To the nth degree.  Someone I will never deal with again.  In fact I have only spoken to him once in seven years.  I told him that I knew what he was doing by stealing from our parents' estate and he said "I will ruin you if you f*ck with me."  I laughed and told him the courts would take care of my end for me.  He hasn't bothered me since.

So if you ever ask me how many siblings I have?  My answer is going to be one.  My sister - you can see her in the picture peeking over my shoulder. Cute isn't she?




Bouncin' Barb said...

Wow Skippy...except for the cheating and the physical harm, this man you describe sounds exactly like my son. That is too scary.

Rudee said...

Well I admire you for choosing to keep him out of your life. From the sounds of things, he doesn't deserve to be in.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Wow, maybe he and my first husband were roommates and swapped info. As I have said in the past......what a jerk. I know that doesn't cover it but well....there just aren't enough words or room to write them on.

Roundabout said...

Sorry you had to deal with all his crap & cut him out of your life, but its sounds like its the only choice. So much stress!! Glad you've moved on.

Me...Uncensored said...

Everyone has one of those in their family. I believe they are put there to teach us something...

colenic said...

i am glad that you made the decision to cut him out of your life...sounds like he is pretty toxic. Must have been a tough decision for you- but glad that you made it...hugs!

Jeannie said...

Sounds a lot like my sister's ex except that he never alienated his kids because he let them do whatever they wanted and has lived across the country for many years.

It's a wonder how a family can turn out both balanced and unbalanced people. It's amazing what a little charm can do (politicians have to have it in spades and we know they are mainly out for themselves). It's great you've managed to keep this leach further than arm's length from you and yours.

sapphireblue said...

I'm glad the woman avoided marrying him. I hope she went on to find a good man.

Michaela said...

He makes me wanna Puke. Seriously. What a very bad man. I have met people like him before. I give them a wide, wide berth. I am glad you are brave enough to tell him straight and keep him the Hell away from you and your family. Sorry you had the bad luck to have a brother like that. xxxxoooo

qandlequeen said...

Sure can't pick our family, can we? Which is a shame. Fortunately there are plenty other people to surround us, lift us up and pretty much make up for those less desirable in our lives.

Love ya Skippy!