Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Don't Know...Because It's the Law?

Get Yourself One

Tonight Pooldad went to a hockey game with his bosses. [Told you they were cool!] Wallene had a birthday party to attend and since Pooldad had our one and only vehicle I walked Wallene over to the party since it was quite a few blocks away from our home.  We were all excited - she had her bag packed, present in hand and it was a beautiful night for a walk.

It was around the time of doggy walking so we took the pups.  On leashes.  Because? That is what responsible pet owners do.  Unfortunately I didn't realize my neighbors don't know the meaning of the term "responsible pet owner."

I always walk Scooby, as Spot is a tugger and has already pulled my shoulder out of joint once. I also only use my right hand to hold his leash because my left arm is pretty useless due the damage and the nature of my joint pain.  I knew on our route home I could leash Spot to Scooby and he would bear the brunt of her tugging. [Like he cares - he is 120 lbs to her 15. hee] 

As we came out of the woods that separate our two neighborhoods I spied an unleashed pet with no owner to be seen.


Knowing that our dogs any and all animals, babies in strollers and basically any human that is upright I have learned to guide them away from these types of situations as I know not everyone wants to be greeted by a ginormous lapdog and his Nazi minion.  Still - I wasn't quite sure which direction the unleashed animal was going in and much to my dismay I chose wrong and he crossed our path.  

Right in front of Scooby.
Who instantly took off after him.
Which dragged me along behind....and... 
Directly onto the pavement and with me landing on my left shoulder, hip, elbow and knee.
[Can someone please explain the concept of how you can skin yourself through clothing?  I don't get it.]

The fall was so hard it knocked off my glasses and my baseball cap.

Now.  Imagine you were walking with your Mom and your dogs to a birthday and you were hyped up because there was going to be pizza!soda!scary movies!friends!make up!boy talk! and all the things that go along with a 13 year old's sleepover when suddenly you see your Mother in a heap on the ground, bleeding and crying while your dogs are in hot pursuit of an unleashed animal?

How much fun do you think THAT birthday party was going to be knowing your Mom has to walk back alone, in pain and wait for your Dad to come home and take care of her?


Bless Wallene's heart - she managed to get the dogs back while I lied [laid? Diane help me out here - how about prone? - I was prone.  That works :)] in the street and she stood on their leashes while helping me up off the pavement.  She begged repeatedly to walk me back home but the whole point of taking her there was to assure she arrived safely - so that wasn't an option.

I know some laws are stupid - I agree, but this one has a purpose.  The leash law exists for a reason and this is a shining example of WHY.  I am not afraid of dogs and I don't consider myself entitled to the point that I will subject other people to my wishes because I don't like a particular law.  

And before anyone gives me the argument that I shouldn't be walking a dog that weighs more than I do - it is MY dog and I make a conscious effort to avoid the situation I just described.  If the animal had been properly attended to this would never had happened.  I know my pets and act accordingly.  

Wouldn't it be nice if others did?

I am sitting here at 6 am, in throbbing pain, waiting for my Doctor's office to open.  I just know I wouldn't be here, awake and in tears, if other people took the care for their pets the way the rest of us do.


RV Vagabonds said...

If I could I would come there and thump on those dog owners for you. With your cane. And Denny's baseball bat. (because I'm ambidextrous, don'cha know?)

I'm so sorry you're having to suffer additional pain and I think it's just awful that you had to try to trump Wallene's tree injuries. (You KNOW I'm kidding here, right???? Don't be jumping my a$$)

Gentle hugs, much love, healing energy.

word vert: magiess. Her magiess-ty should order the dog owners' heads cut off.

sapphireblue said...

Ouch! Hope you are alright!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Things like this really make me so mad I could spit! There are so many reasons to leash your pet and if you can't follow the rules (laws), then you should be denied the right to own a pet. Of course the same could be said for having children, but I digress. I am so sorry you are in pain due to the stupidity of others. It is a shame you don't know who the owner of that dog is.

ellen abbott said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your tumble. Here's hoping you recover soon. I've been pulled off my feet by a dog while I was holding my baby granddaughter. fortunately he ran towards the grass and it cushioned my fall while I was making sure I didn't drop or land on my g'daughter.

People here in the country are less likely to keep their dogs leashed or in a fenced yard. I like to walk but a block or two over is a house with two dogs that are always loose and they always come after anyone. I don't think they have bitten anyone but it's scary when they start running at you and barking.

Linda in New Mexico said...

What is there to say except...I'm sorry that you are hurting due to others lack of responsibility. Just what you needed. And you posted it with Skippitude? I'm with Linda I wish I was close enough to seek retribution for your in kick some owner buttee.
SM would tell you to give up that concrete habit. It's dangerous to your skin. Oops bad time for joking???? Tell everyone it was a motorcycle accident...sounds sexier. Be well, stay home, use padding. XXOO The Olde Bagg

Amy said...

Skippy - That really sucks. I know I should't use that word, it's very unlady like, but it is what it is.

I hope you have a speedy recovery and pooldad hunts the owners down with your cane - since the RV vagabonds can't.

Sandra said...

My dearest Skippy,
You shouldn't be walking a dog that weighs more than you do!...ok, I'm kidding, just trying to make you smile. Of course the blame lies completely with the douchebag owner of the other dog.
Bless Walleen's heart though. You are such a good mom and have such a good family.
I hope everything works out at the doc's office, and I hope that other stray dog runs right into the next state. xoxox

Michaela said...

Awww, man that is so unfair. Poor baby. I hope by now you are fixed up at the Doctor's. Once when I was 7 our large, excitable dog dragged me down a hill on my bum. The surface was ashphalt. It was bad! Hugs and kisses...xxooo

qandlequeen said...

OUCH! OUCH! OUCH! God bless Wallene for taking care of you and the dogs. I hope you heal quickly.

Jeannie said...

I'm sorry this happened. I agree that leash laws are valuable and needed in the city. (Out in the country I have other views). If the owners were nowhere to be seen, it is very possible this dog escaped from it's owner. This does happen - and it's the difficult dogs that manage to escape - the easy ones hang around the house and don't go any where.

My Dex pulls all the time and really jolts when he sees a bird or squirrel - I found the Gentle Leader totally eliminates that behaviour.

I hope you are feeling better and there is no permanent damage.

Ann (-15 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Oh, that hurt just reading about it. I'm a huge dog lover, but I just marvel at the ignorance of some owners ... that unleashed dog was himself in danger. Good thing he didn't cross the path of a vicious dog, or dart out in front of a car ...

I hope you are doing better!

When I (sometimes) see a dog off lead, and determine it is going to cross our path, I'll do a quick turn around a small-diameter tree - if one is nearby. In that way, the tree takes the brunt of my dog pulling, not me. The tree usually handles it so much better! When the excitement settles down, I unwrap the lead from the tree trunk, and we can continue our walk.

Trees aren't always handy, but perhaps this can be a potential strategy for you. I learned that one the hard way, during icy conditions no less.

Cyber hugs !!! Feel better soon.

Life in the mom lane said...

awww Skippy!!!! I hope you are on the mend soon!!! Feel better!!!

Rudee said...

I'm sure you're really sore today, but I hope nothing is broken.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

oh man... that totally sucks (yeah, i'm unladylike, too). i wish i could come help RV thump those dogs - and i'd use my own cane, too.

so proud of wallene to make sure you were up off the ground and to catch the dogs for you.

hope your doctor's appt gives you some relief.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

OMG I hate unleashes animals. "But my dog wouldn't hurt anyone. . ." Right. unless you're Skippy and you now are all banged up and bruised because of an unleashed pet. Damnit. I can only imagine the walk home was worse because you were alone and probably seething.

P.S. It's "lie there" but who the hell cares? You were prone, damnit! PRONE!!!!

Roundabout said...

Totally agree with you! Dogs need to be on a leash. I have neighbors who don't get this as well. When we go on walks I have to block my girls from their full force running 100 lb dog that "just wants to say hello"! DRIVES ME CRAZY! Hope your getting better!