Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At Least It Got Us on the White House Christmas Card List

Regardless of your political affiliation when the Social Secretary from the White House calls and asks you to perform at a private function you say yes.

Actually?  You say "Hell yes!"

For the record  Pooldad and I were once polar opposites on our political beliefs.  We have spent more elections cancelling eachother out than making a difference by being responsible and simply voting.

But, the story behind that picture?  That was one rocking party Tadpoles and my husband was one of the entertainers for the Clinton's shindig.

Cool huh?  Even my Dad [the Republican] loved to tell this story.

So I share.  With you.

Blast from the past kind of thing.

In 1995 First Lady Hillary Clinton was celebrating her 48th birthday.  One day, while at his day job, Pooldad received a phone call from the White House.  Now, this wasn't that unusual, really, because his company had been known to take care of the swimming pool at the Naval Observatory for the Vice President and for many other dignitaries, Senators, Congressmen, etc.  Except this WAS unusual because the Clinton's Social Secretary was phoning to ask if my future husband would like to deejay Mrs. Clinton's upcoming birthday party.

He asked the nice lady on the phone where exactly his name had cropped up in the planning of this party that she would think to call a local DJ from Northern VA?  She replied that she had called all the major Country and Western venues in and around DC and that his name had come up time and again as one of the best. [I may be biased, but these were people he worked with that said it, so yes...he was!]

The Social Secretary faxed him an agreement and while filling it out he added me as his assistant.  Pooldad never needed an assistant for his DJ job but he wanted me to be a part of it - so there I was - going with him to play tunes for the First Couple.

Weird huh?

We arrived at the front gates of the White House and were promptly searched and canine sniffed.  Then - and this is so cool - we were able to park our truck [that carried the DJ equipment] right in front of the White House and it stayed there the entire evening while we were inside.  The funniest part was it was a pool service truck we borrowed for the occasion.  The trucks were bright blue and it got to sit there all night.  I am sure it was quite the photo op for some tourists that evening.

The party was a BLAST - for a few reasons.  First - it was a private affair and also a surprise for Mrs. Clinton.  There were no suits, no politicos - just their friends and family present.  Second - their friends, family and close personal staff can party!  Not in a fall down, drunk kind of way - but a "This is too much fun!  Let's dance some more" excitement that makes it an awesome party.  Third - The food and [open bar] drinks were spectacular.  We were able to eat fajitas off of White House china!  It was a huge, wonderful buffet and being dragged [literally] to the bar by one of the staff to imbibe was too crazy - it IS kind of intimidating to drink in the White House, let me just say.  Fourth - and the best part - regardless of what anyone says, sees or thinks they know - President Clinton reallllly loves his wife and she in return.  There was no showboating that night for voters, no hamming it up for cameras - this was for her, the family and their friends and you could see that they were and [I believe] still are committed to eachother.  [No, I don't agree on cheating on your spouse - but it isn't my place to forgive him - it is Mrs. Clinton's - and she has, so let's just enjoy the story, okay?]

It was one of our more interesting dates I have to tell you.  Oh - and only I could do this, in the White House - on hardwood floors [sober I might add] - I went running across the ballroom [while Pooldad was setting up] to retrieve something from the truck and completely wiped out on the floor in my cowboy boots - [Did I mention it was a C&W theme?]  I slid about 15 feet.  Not one of my more graceful moments I have to admit, but those floors are slick!

Pooldad has another story he is going to want to tell, but I have to leave it to him because it truly is his gig to tell about.  [I do need to add that he completely rocked the House - he was spectacular!]

For all the years [after the party] that President Clinton was in office we received the official Christmas card from the White House - which was pretty neat.

Now who wants to guess the two Democrats in that picture?  I will give you a hint - Bill is one of them. hee


Marni said...

Now THAT is cool.

Calandreya said...

That's a wonderful story! Thank you for telling it. I'm not jealous, though. I think I'd freeze speechless if I met a president.

Life in the mom lane said...

you are definitely WAYYYYY cooler than me! :)

ellen abbott said...

Well, how cool is that?!

Linda in New Mexico said...

SM and I both think this is a cool story. And yes Skipster, leave it to you to crash and burn in the White House. Dang girl. Partying with the most powerful man in the free work.....I'd say rock on too. Great story. The Olde Bagg

sapphireblue said...

Very awesome story, and you have the photographic evidence too.

Jeannie said...

That is an AWESOME tale. I have to say that I enjoyed Clinton as President. He was entertaining. Your husband must be pretty darn good if his name got out from those in the business. (Our paving company is recommended by the asphalt company for "smaller" jobs (meaning driveways and parking lots rather than roads - and even builders who don't use us commercially because of cost, hire us privately).

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

pretty darn spectacular!

Anonymous said...

What a great story!! Sorry you wiped out, but that would totally be something I would do!

So you are moving in with me? If you do the dishes, the rent is free! :D

Michaela said...

Wow! You are full of surprises, girl! I am VERY impressed. I actually enjoyed Bill Clinton's presidency. He was pretty cool, except for the obvious personal flaws. xxoo

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

LOVE, love, LOVE this story! I'm so jealous. I'm a huge fan of Bill. Huge. I can't believe your husband was a DJ at the White House!

Yum Yucky said...

Your stories captivate more than any around the blog community. I'm like a SkippyMom groupie now. I'll make some t-shirts.

RV Vagabonds said...

Leave it to you to go slip-sliding away at the White House. But mucho cool story and memory for you. Denny and I used to cancel each other out, but he's finally slid over to the dark side with me. Hee.

Bouncin' Barb said...

What a great post. What an even greater experience you had. We all have to realize that we all put on pants on the same way and we are all the same underneath it all. Why shouldn't a prez and his lady have a freakin fun party!!! Love it and thanks for sharing it.

Rudee said...

What an awesome story! No matter your affiliation, it would have to be an honor to work such an event.