Monday, February 8, 2010

They Have Conceded Defeat

[A picture of the Elementary School in our backyard]
It's official.
Schools are closed for the whooooooole week.
::Skippy happy dance::Skippy happy dance::Skippy happy dance::
With a storm approaching tomorrow that could drop another 6 - 10 inches [it keeps getting higher with each report**] there is simply no place left to put the snow I guess. So in anticipation of the new snow our school system has closed. YAY!
We are still within our number of snow days so we won't be going to school until July - and yes, we have power and [gasp] internet so we aren't suffering [Dominion power is kicking butt getting power back for those without, I must say] - but for the record - We can live without both. We have before [9 days! with 5 kids under 12] so no worries.
I can't believe I get a WHOLE week off, free, with the kids. P-A-R-T-A-Y.

**New report: 10 -15 inches with the possibility of 20 inches. AND? Pooldad has off tomorrow too. Can you say Rummy tournament? LOL


Sally said...

so jealous! I don't have children yet to make it even better, but a week at home for crafting or baking and what-not would be awesome!

The Boob Nazi said...

I wish my freaking school would close.

Life in the mom lane said...

Lucky you- you have all your kids home :)!
We are supposed to get an additional 12-18"... Wed. off is pretty much a given, and we will at the very least have a 2hr delay on Thurs. I think... then we have a 4 day weekend because of President's Day weekend... woo hoo!

IF we are off Thursday too... 6 day weekend!

The Veteran Server said...

How awesome! And what a great mom you are to be so excited about having the kids all week! Hope y'all have fun!! God bless!

Rudee said...

You make an amazing lemonade in your neck of the woods, Skippy.

We're getting our first big storm tomorrow with 6 to 10 inches of fluff expected. Unfortunately, there are no snow days for hospice nurses. Sniff....

Anonymous said...

Sounds great... It snowed for two hours here and we had a day off declared :0)

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

The powers that be should ship the snow to Vancouver, where they are currently trucking in snow for the Olympic ski events due to the fact that it's 50 degrees there!

Word is gazzymi; the Skippy Mom snow dance.