Saturday, February 27, 2010

...And You Wonder Why?

I tipped $8.50 on a $42.00 pizza order tonight and the delivery driver not only DID NOT acknowledge the tip with a thank you [which would've been nice] he actually saw the tip line and gave me a dirty look. Think eye roll with a sneer.

I already paid in the $2.00 delivery charge and then tipped - can someone PLEASE explain to me why a 20% tip on delivery displeased this man?

I was trying to treat my family to a fun, out of the ordinary dinner since they have worked so hard taking care of me and feeding me. The driver's attitude completely ruined dinner for me. And please don't tell me it shouldn't have - YES it should - I did above and beyond - it is delivery for heaven's sakes - not a sit down, in a restaurant experience.

I am tired of people bitch'en on the net about not getting tipped - check your attitude and your high expectations of what you are actually worth and get back to me.

And this isn't an anomaly - read the net, talk to your neighbors and experience it yourself - they all think because they "are putting themselves through school" or "it causes wear and tear on my car" or "I only make minimum plus tips" they are entitled to MORE than 20%.

This is the last time I order out. I just really wanted to give the gang the night off. Y'know?


♥ Caz said...

He's just rude.
It's terrible that he ruined your generosity.

I'm sure there was a more appreciative driver out there, but this one didn't seem to care. :(

All you can say is that you did the right thing by you and that he was just a snob.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

He's rude. That might not even have been his Disappointed Look. That might have been his Thank You Look. His Disappointed Look might be flipping you off. He should be happy to get 20 percent. Tips are optional; that's why they're called "tips" and not "part of your bill." I used to be a waitress who made $1.20 per hour, well below the minimum wage even for back then because we were supposed to get most of our wage in tips. That's when 15 percent was the norm. I would have kissed you on the mouth for $8.

Jeannie said...

Maybe that was his stunned look - or thought you'd made a mistake and meant to key in 85 cents. I'm sure $8.20 is a very good tip for pizza delivery. You really shouldn't have let it bother you so much. Or phoned the pizza shop and told them about your experience instead of letting it ruin your dinner.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I always thought the tip was something based on the actual service and not a given that you would get one. Myabe his attitude should have earned him the 85 cents instead!

Anonymous said...

I'll tip 20% at a restaurant, but not to a delivery guy. The dude drove to my house and gave me a bag of stuff, it's not like he put in the effort required by a waiter, who typically deserves 20%.
That guy needed a slap upside the head for being such a jerk and ruining your dinner.

Linda in New Mexico said...

That sucks. I hate rude people and no I don't mean dislike, I mean hate. There will be a special place in the hell I construct for sub humans who cannot engage in basis human kindness and courtesy. Not that I have an opinion.
My daughter is currently working as a waitress. She depends on tips to even make a living....however when we are in a tipping situation and she is with us.....she is the most critical of folks not doing the bare minimum for a tip. She doesn't abide fools and slackers. She works hard and goes out of her way to be respectful, courteous, attentive and helpful and says that if she is not tipped or tipped poorly, it is not anything but the world being made up of two kinds of people, idiots and assholes. LOL
Can you tell where she gets her bad attitude?????????? hmmmm it's a wonder.
vert word hostedic, its the guy giving a party and will administer first aid if ya need it.

Rudee said...

Your tip was overly generous. I'd call the manager of the store and tell him/or her, that the next time you order pizza, you'll do so elsewhere. The manager should know the delivery person is a snot.

Grumpy Housewife said...

Call the store and speak to the manager. Let him/her know how rude the delivery driver was about a 20% tip. If the driver is rude to you, he's rude to other people.

And to give a bit of background, the husband used to manage a pizza place (think not Papa John's or Pizza Hut, but they've done a big makeover of their stuff), and then he moved on to restaurant management. Granted, now he's in corrections, but hey, it works for him.

So, I have learned quite a bit about tipping. First of all, in some states, servers make minimum wage. In others? They make about $2.15 an hour, and are expected to make up the difference with tips. Those servers will hustle their butts off to make customers happy. Those are servers who deserve to be tipped handsomely.

Delivery drivers usually make minimum wage, or a little better, and tips. I'll tip a delivery driver $5 or 20%, whichever is greater. And only because the pizza place doesn't pay them for mileage, gas, or wear and tear, and they use their own vehicles.

Now, I am also a delivery driver. I deliver for a local pharmacy. I work about 2.5 hours a day, five days a week, making a little bit better than minimum wage. I get tips once in a while, and I don't expect them at all. I use the boss's car. I have a company credit card for gas, mail expenses, and other errands I'm asked to run. I don't pay for the wear and tear on the car. But? Some people tip me because "It's worth it to me to have you deliver for me, because I just can't get out that way very often." Some people tip me because, "I'm so glad you delivered to me, because I just didn't want to go pick it up, I feel so bad today." And some people tip me because they're nice.

But, I am always appreciative of any tip I receive. And I'm always nice the people I deliver to, because why wouldn't I be? Most people I deliver to are nice to me, I can return the favor.

Your delivery driver? Was a rude asshat.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

How rude of him.

My son called the other night with a similar tale - he had gone to their local Quiznos shop to pick up a carryout order. The clerk behind the counter proceeded to tell him that his wife never tips the delivery drivers and his tip was the first one they'd received.

I was floored - he was embarrassed. I said that the clerk had no business discussing with him whether or not his wife tipped the driver. She is from Taiwan and maybe doesn't realize she should tip. Maybe they charge a delivery fee and she thinks that is for the driver. Regardless - they are still getting a check and talk about her behind her back, but don't mention it to the spouse.

I told him to have a talk with her and explain the situation and that he should complain to the manager. He said he thought this was a manager. Ugh! He should go to corporate then. That is just so much poor taste. She may be getting "extras" in her food without knowing it, too - which the thought of just grosses me out.