Thursday, February 25, 2010

Need to Clarify a Couple of Things....

This is going to be in list form [if y'all don't mind] because I haven't been feeling too well and I don't seem to be improving. Still, these subjects have been rattling around in my head and I thought it was important that I touch on them.
  • First and most importantly - It is a HUGE myth that soda is high in sodium. Calories? High. Sugar? High. Sodium? Not so much. On a regular diet you should eat around 2250 mg of sodium a day - not hard to do [I will get back to that in a sec] but it gives a lot of leeway to eat and drink pretty much want you want for a healthy, well balanced diet. I have been researching the heck out of all manner of food and drink to find what is best and safest for me to clear up this edema and discovered that soda has, depending on brand and flavor, no more than 50 mg of sodium per 12 oz serving. Tadpoles - that isn't high - believe me. I am on a 1,000 mg sodium restriction and I could still afford a soda. I think the reason this myth got started was because people who enjoy soda don't drink one or two a day - they drink six or seven and then they start working into the healthy part of their well balanced diet. Anyway - why would anyone want that much sugar intake? Makes me nauseous just thinking about it. Everything in moderation folks.

  • I was shocked - not kidding - SHOCKED to find out tap water has sodium in it. I drink two things during the day - water and unsweetened tea made with tap water. During my research I read an article that says some municipalities have as much as 45-50 mg of sodium per 8 oz glass. Yes, the same as soda - but we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day - not 8 cans of soda. Get it? Here I thought I was doing something good and I find out I am exceeding my limit everyday. Bah. So now I am drinking bottled water. Good hint: You can call your local water authority and they have to tell you the sodium content of you water. If you are on a well you can have it independently tested.

  • Now that I have the two most important things out of the way let me just say thanks for the nice comments regarding salt and sodium but I feel the need to clear up [repeat] some things so we have a better understanding. I don't and have never cooked with salt - I have family members who have high blood pressure. We mostly eat at home, as you all know and most everything we make from scratch - if the menu says "Tacos" it doesn't mean Taco Bell. We are fans of fresh fruit and veggies but are still shocked at how much sodium there is in something as simple as a piece of wheat bread, especially since I am so restricted. In addition, something I should've added, I have extremely low blood pressure. My whole life it has been 90/55 - even when in labor. True fact. So I, personally, have never worried about my sodium intake, but since my body has now decided to "do the wonky" [which is what I am calling it] I am hyper aware of sodium and it's effects on me. And before anyone thinks I am playing up on a high horse with our meals, eating at home and cooking - I am not - I just find it cheaper, healthier and more fun for all of us to cook at home.
  • Finally - I had a great chuckle over how many people said "But everything tastes better with salt." Yeah, no kidding - if that is what you are used to eating - but I am not - I don 't like pre packaged frozen dinners, I don't like canned vegetables and I like making our own stocks and gravies - sans salt. This is the way I was raised. But to be honest if I had bad eating habits up until now I would've changed my ways pretty damn quick because I am here to tell you this HURTS. And I am stuck in bed all the time and I am hungry, a lot, because I have to depend on others to bring me food, which is almost as sucky as the pain - not by much, but I get so tired of asking or reminding someone "Hey! You guys ate dinner at 6 - it is now 10 pm! Do you think I might have something to eat too?" As soon as we strike the balance [of salt intake/medication] I will be able to get out of bed, but until then? I would rather be giving birth because this hurts worse. I can say that. I have done both.

I don't know. I guess I am uber-cranky and I am getting tired of listening to myself. So HEY! I decided to share - don't you feel lucky? heehee.

Thanks for listening - and remember what I said about soda and water, 'kay? And if you don't believe me read that can of ultra, diet Pepsi free - it isn't high in sodium. Just don't drink 7 cans.


ellen abbott said...

I'm appalled at how much salt and sugar goes into prepared foods. Marc has high blood pressure so salt is the first thing we check on any packaged food. 20% - 35% of the daily allowance is normal. some things are even higher! In one serving of one food. And corn syrup is in everything. No wonder diabetes is rampant. And I'm not even talking about all those weird 'food grade' chemicals. What?! I believe most our health problems are caused by our adulterated food supply. And salt does not make everything taste better. It only makes it taste salty.

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

Still sucks to be you, huh? Sorry, my friend. We don't drink a lot of pop (soda to everyone else but a Buckeye) but I think Coke Zero has very low sodium.

That being said, I can't imagine going without salt. I remember my grandma having a crock of salt on the stove and she'd take a BIG pinch to season everything in the big old cast iron skillet she cooked in. I am a salt-a-holic. Not salty-salty, but definitely flavored with salt. But I have to say, I mostly cook from scratch and try to add a minimal amount of salt (and usually at least 1/2 of what a recipe calls for) and go from there.

Word verification: ticophy. The state of being "ticked off" when your family forgets you haven't had dinner and can't walk downstairs to get your own.

Life in the mom lane said...

Holy shit... salt in tap water????
I use salt sparingly when I cook because hubby does not like salt... so generally I add the minimum and people can add more if they want it..

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling bad again... and after you had that awesome day a few weeks ago :(

I find when people forget things if I inundate them with text message reminders it seems to help- even from within the house...or maybe have pooldad buy you an air horn... just an idea :D


Anonymous said...

We don't add any salt to anything even for seasoning. It is already in abundance like you say in most foods you buy.

Jeannie said...

If high sodium intake isn't the cause of your edema, because you eat little, then even less salt won't help. Has your doctor prescribed a diuretic? How about natural ones - green tea? I'm pretty sure there are a number of them. I would be more concerned over the why though. Something must be out of balance.

I was holding water for a bit once and it IS surprisingly painful - and mine was very minor!

Feel better soon.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

You go right ahead and be cranky! Sometimes we just gotta do what we just gotta do - and if that is being cranky, so what. They'll get over it.

Ron's sodium limit is 1500mg - 2000mg and his potassium limit is 1000mg per day. That combination is tricky to do and we rarely make it but usually close. His problem with the soda is that his kidneys have more trouble the more soda he drinks. Odd man...