Friday, February 5, 2010

Reason #1,264 Why I Like The Snow

The Squirrel just made homemade spiced cake donuts.
These are nekkid.


Plain is fine by me! See the cute little donut holes too? YUM

Did I mention that she melted chocolate and sprinkled them too?



Linda in New Mexico said...

No photo, send donut

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Your little Squirrel cooks and bakes more than any other little squirrel I know.

Tessa said...

Ok I'm posting so I can enter the contest. My favorite movie of all time is Gone With the Wind. I somehow seem to have a connection to that time period as I just love stories from that era. And Rhett Butler is to die for.......hehehe

ellen abbott said...

OK, now that was just cruel.

Faren said...

wow, do those look good.

Amy said...

THose look SOOOO GOOD. I love spice donuts. They used to sell them at the elementary schools here. I would get them as a kid and then when I was a teacher I would look forward to them every couple of days...or more.

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

I like mine with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar, still warm from the deep fryer. Mmmmm.

Word verification is cospel. It's the cospel truth that Skippy Mom's blog makes me crave fat food.