Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sammiches [Because I Know You are Tired of My Snow Obsession]

On The Menu: Italian Submarine Sandwiches

Genoa Salami, Ham and Pepperoni

Provolone Cheese

Lettuce and Tomato

Spicy Mustard and Italian Dressing

I try to have one entree a week that is similar to a take out/delivery place. For example last week we had pizza and next we will have Big Macs [Pooldad's version]. It makes it easy, cheap and fun for us and it quells the desire to order delivery. Plus these were make your own!

Now, about the SNOW! [You didn't think you were getting by without reading yet MORE about our snowstorm. Did you? You did? Oops. Sorry about that ;D]

It is official - we received 29 inches - WOOBOY!

And here is a picture of my back railing at about 20 inches:

And it snowed for six more hours.

[It is now 17 degrees, dipping to 7 degrees before morning AND? Schools are closed Monday and Tuesday - How great is that? YAY!]


Pearl said...

That's a great looking sandwich!

Snow?! I hear ya. We've had more snow this year -- and colder temperatures as well, oddly enough -- than usual and are expecting another 10 inches tomorrow.

Such fun, huh?!


qandlequeen said...

HOOOOOOLEEEEE CRAP! That's alotta snow! Way jealous here. And thank you SO MUCH for posting snow pictures. Quite pretty.

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

It's actually quite refreshing to read that someone is excited about the snow. The pictures are great. And I'll continue to allow you to enjoy all that white stuff for me while I battle all this sunshine in AZ. Heh.

word: orstio. The orstios the way to carry the sleigh over the white and drifting snow---OH!

Sally said...

The sandwiches look yummy!

As a teacher, I am envious of all the school days off! Of course I wouldn't be so happy at the end of the year :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the sammich spelling. =) I am watching the next 6" of snow fall. oy! Sammiches look tastey. Is it lunch time yet?