Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's Be Honest

The Aftermath of Hair Coloring

I am sick. I am tired. I am tired of being sick. And tired. Don't worry it gets better and more fun!

See? LOL - I am drunk. Yep. Although "Not my Mom" thinks I am a lush - honestly I am not. I succumbed today. And helllllloooo....nothing hurts right now. Bonus. You all can call it self medicating. I am calling it a gift. A big fat sparkly package with a shiny bow that makes me forget that bending joints is painful. I just point and laugh. Shut up. The kids are in the other room.

Did I mention I am sick and tired? I don't think I have slept 4 hours in a day for a month. I wanted to go to Mass this evening but discovered they have changed the schedule so I would've heard it in Spanish and considering how drunk I am it would've been entertaining for all involved. [Squirrel always gets a kick out of this particular Mass. Me? I forgot more Spanish than I will ever know]. We will attend a Mass tomorrow - when I sober up [Hi Father Bill, you are welcome ;)]. But that brings me back to getting ready to go out and being tired [tangent Tadpoles, work with me please] I went to apply my once weekly layer of foundation/powder [or what I like to refer to "How to give a dying woman some sort of palor other than "Casket"] and do you want to know? I have bags under my eyes that could carry a vacation's worth of goods to Slovakia. Jeesh. There ain't concealer existing that would mask these puppies. [And y'all wonder why I never post pics of myself? HA!]

Okay - still with me? It really would be more fun if you all were here with me, but you are going to have to deal with tipsy Skippy via blog for now. Know that my door is always open for any of you - just warn me 'cause I will need to buy supplies. I am not stocked like Linda. ;) Then again we aren't retired yet. I guess I will be then? Stocked I mean.

Hee hee...I also am allowing Wallene to dye her hair red tonight. Yep. RED. :D And again everyone shut up. My husband is a red head, my father was a red head and Wallene was until the great Shaved Head Incident of 1999 [Amy? You haven't lived until you have to explain to the other preschool Moms that NO you didn't give your daughter that haircut on purpose. That it wasn't a "fashion statement", but a neccesity - Yes. One mother actually said "Did you do that for a fashion statement? How interesting."] - it never grew back red and she has been a lovely brunette since.

But...she wants wild red hair like our lovely Eva - so I said yes. My kids get great grades, don't skip school, don't back talk, lie, steal or cheat - it is hair. I don't care what you do with your kids and I won't and DON'T give my opinions about your kids - so thanks for not saying anything in regards to what I allow mine to do - but especially along the lines of I am leaving a permanent scar on Wallene by coloring her hair in 7th grade. It is going to be BRIGHT, UNNATURAL and GARRISH and my lil' Porcupine is going to love every bit of it. WEE HAW! I can't wait to post a pic'.

Is it wrong to want it to be Christmas in March? Sigh. [Look! I am full of tangents tonight. I blame the alcohol. hee]

PS - besides not telling me how to raise my kids can we avoid the "OMG SKIPPY you are ill how could you drink and make it worse" scenario comments? It isn't making it worse. It isn't helping and it isn't hurting. I just want to be numb for one night. 'kay? Kay!


Life in the mom lane said...

I'm just sorry I am not there to have a drink with you!

There is no reason anyone should question you- you are an adult...

and as for your daughter coloring her hair... there are FAR WORSE things she could be doing... and if she doesn't like it- it's an easy fix!

Tell the people who dare to give you a hard time to "BITE ME"

Cheers & feel better! *HUGS*

Life in the mom lane said...

P.S. Hell if I was in your shoes and it made me feel better I'd probably be drinking every night!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey darling girl, bottoms up. You do what ya wanna do, you're a big girl and quite amusing as well. As for a red headed 7th grader????, you said it, it's hair. I dyed my hair one time the night before Youth Sunday, when I was the Youth Minister.....OMG....I looked like a embarrassed skunk. It was horrible and all the 7th graders laughed, so what the hell. LALL (that Live and Let Live), a concept I wish others would adopt.
vert word....spita......just spita on the nah there.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey, we took a vote and we all think Wallenes hair is fabulous darling.....
vert word puling.....that's what Pooldad does....puling, man, I know close but no cigar

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I think her hair is lovely! I hope you have a good nights sleep .....

Rudee said...

What? Alcohol can't be medicinal? Is that because it isn't in a brown or green pill bottle?

I am sipping a Blue Moon, complete with a slice of orange. I needed something to wash the xanax down.

Amy said...

What a great post to read after a long day out!!!

I think her hair looks great, and she looks soooo happy!

As for the shaving head - thanks for the warning.

As for getting drunk - if I drank I would be right there along with ya!!! I have often been told it is a good thing I don't drink because I would probably go a bit too far - I guess I have that personality(or did in college).

Have a good night. Drink all you want - you're not driving so who cares!!


Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

1)I do NOT consider you a lush--that would be like the pot calling the kettle black. Especially as I was enjoying a Cosmo or two this weekend--yum!

2)Love the hair and love the fact that Wallene is so daggoned pleased with herself over it!

3)Sorry that you are still in bed and in such pain. If virtual hugs would help I'd be sending you a thousand of them. Instead I'll send a little Reiki your way.

4)We got some of your dadburned snow. Hope you're happy.

Word is unuld. Skippy feels like an unuld lush, but she's simply having a moment. Or thirty. ((((((Skippy))))))

ellen abbott said...

My beautiful blonde haired daughter dyed her hair emerald green when she was in high school. The following summer it was grape soda purple. Harmless fun.

Hope your joints get better soon.

Viva said...

haha Lady, you crack me up! I first dyed my hair in grade 7 - I needed a change after a terrible hair cut and it worked! Made me feel wonderful! I haven't stopped dying it since, occasionally that exact same shade! Hair is a wonderful way to express yourself, and do a small change the (wait for it) grows and has no lasting effects! I think the only time mom and I had a stand off about it was right before graduation photos my hair was 'candy apple red' and she sat in front of me with a 'normal' colour till I changed it!

Also, there's nothing wrong with a glass (or few) every now and then! Have fun and feel better!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Her hair loooks adorable! I love red hair.

I'd love to join you in a drink but I'm too over-medicated on over-the-counter sinus medication to chance it. I'd drink myself sleep if I thought it would work better than the medications, though. The only thing I can drink straight that doesn't give me a stuffy head (which I've already got) is whiskey and I'm not that found of whiskey. Kahlua is another good choice but that needs cream with it. I could do rum but need coke or something. So... sinus meds it is.

Hope you're feeling better... Come on over to my blog a bit later to cheer yourself up. I've got a new "Ron" doozy to post.

Marni said...

I always tell the kids "if it ain't permanent I don't mind it"... so they can color their hair or anything else they want.

I'll take a drink too... I need one after the past couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hair is great fun to play with. :)

Colors, cuts, it doesn't matter. It grows back. Right now I have a mohawk that my wife says looks like a "My Little Pony mane with a perm."

After high school I worked in a hair salon, where I did all manner of crazyness to my hair. It was a bright blue for a while, and I even bleached it and went with a 90's mushroom cut, with undercut (this was after the 90's). It drove the stylists nuts, but I loved it. :)

And I lift my beer in cheers to you. :) (This way I'm not drinking alone)

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Her hair is darling! I let my 16-year-old dye her gorgeous, naturally streaked brown-blonde hair BLACK - jet black. People thought I was stupid. She is who she is and apparently it's a black haired person, so who am I to say no?

Cheers, Skippy. I'll have a drink with ya, and I'm neither sick nor tired. Or as they say in Russia: Nice Driveways!

kath said...

Hey, choose your battles, right? You have to look at these things and ask yourself if this is really going to matter 20 years from now, and if the answer is no, then let her dye her hair. That's the approach I always took with my kids when they wanted to do crazy things like shave lightning bolts into their hair or dye it crazy colors, or paint their bedrooms wacky colors. It's the sign of being a good parent. Pat yourself on the back and have a drink on me!