Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your Favorite Christmas Movie Give Away

There are so many cherished holiday movies. Some old, some new - some celebrating the true meaning of the season, some poking fun and some are just lovely.

My very favorite movie is "Love Actually". Not too traditional, but the stories interwoven, the Christmas theme and the soundtrack all add up to a movie I love.
Pooldad bought me this the other day and the Squirrel and I have watched it several times [to the point of sleep deprivation for her!] and giggled, applauded and cried our way through. I love this movie.

Here is the give away [anyone glad I learned how to spell give away? sheesh why didn't you tell me?]:

1. Leave a comment detailing your favorite Christmas movie. ANYONE is welcome. Don't have to be a certified tadpole.
2. It has to be a movie that I can handily purchase from my local video store or[nothing obscure tadpoles, as much as I am ALL about that] because I would like to mail your prize off by Saturday, December 19th. Okay?
3. Again - a comment is all it takes. No need to post on your blog or twitter - just let me know what you love and can watch again and again.
4. If it is for a friend or family member tell me what they like and you may win their favorite movie. And I gift wrap.
5. Drawing ends at 9 am Saturday, December 19th. Again, snowman hat and a kid to pick the winner!

I don't know if y'all think I have lost my mind or what - but I was sitting here watching "Love Actually" with the Squirrel tonight and thinking of all my tadpoles that are having troubles and worrying and aren't quite into the spirit this year. And I understand. I have been there. I know.

Here is the thing. Not to be morose and I do hope I am wrong [wow do I hope I am wrong about this] - but I don't know how many Christmases I have left and for some reason everything about the spirit has overtaken me this year and I want to share. With y'all.

I can't be there to hug you, bring you a drink or cook you a dinner but maybe I can bring a little sunshine into some of your lives with these silly little give aways.

You know who you are and know that I love and support you. Just as y'all have me.
Thank you.


Marni said...

OMG OMG OMG... that is my all time favorite movie! Liam Neeson and his son at the airport in the end??? BAWLING

The kiss at the pageant??? Laughing

The NOTECARDS! Swooning

The thought of an affair??? Heartbreaking

How can anyone not love that movie? I even have Bug hooked on it. If it is on the tv I am watching.

(Can you tell I love it)

Rudee said...

Can you believe, oh, the horrors, I've never seen this much lauded flick? I haven't.

My most recent favorite holiday flick is, The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz, yummy Jude Law and Kate Winslet. I watch it just to see the knitted items Diaz wears. They make me drool.

No lie.

Marni said...

oh Rudee... go to Blockbusters or whatever movie rental company is around and get Love Actually... today... now... this second...

You will NOT be disappointed.

SkippyMom said...

Marni is right Rudee!

If for nothing else the opening scene when the singer gets frustrated and yells "Piss, shit, f**cking wanker" OMG it is too funny.

The whole movie is great.

Oh Marni my other favorite scene?

"I am going to be the lobster in the Navitiy Pagent at school."

Mom "Lobster?"

"Yes, the FIRST lobster."

Mom "There were more than one lobster at the birth of baby Jesus?"


I scream laughing. Emma Thompson is great.

My favorite couple is Colin Firth and the woman who plays Aurelia [his housekeeper?] O.M.G. so wonderful.

Marni said...

There isn't a single character I dislike in that entire movie. Alan Richtman (sp) kills me... and the scene where she opens the CD of Tori Amos thinking it is something else... BREAKS me in two.

My fave tho is Liam and his boy. They grow so much together in that movie.

And when Hugh dances and his people catch him... OMG!

I may go rent that movie for this weekend. I'm DYING to see it now and have never bought it.

Marni said...

And Mr. Bean wrapping the present!!!!! So uncomfortable and yet so insanely funny!

I'll stop now. I could go on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that aside from It is a Wonderful Life , Merry Christmas Mr. Bean is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Love Actually is such a great movie!

"A Charlie Brown Christmas," while not technically a movie, it's my favorite Christmas show with A Muppet Family Christmas, where we get all the Muppets from the various shows together in one place being my favorite Christmas movie followed closely by A Muppet Christmas Carol.

I love Christmas shows.

sbinzel said...

My favorite is the original edition of 'Christmas in Connecticut'. With Barbara Stanwyck. It's available on The woman is supposed to be a married writer, with children, living in the country...and she's actually a single woman living in the city who can't cook. But her publisher decides to invite a war hero to stay at her place. Hilarity ensues...

Amy said...

I LOVE that movie! I saw it for the first time when I was flying to London.

I love Colin Firth...actually I love everyone in the movie.

Right now my favorite Christmas movie is Surviving Christmas. Steve and I crack up everytime we watch it.

bulletholes said...

Why am I thinking that in some wierd fashion that "Dr. Strangelove" is a Christmas movie?

bulletholes said...

It is! it is a Christmas Movie! it has the recurring theme, central to the story:

And Mandrake, he is decorating a tree when the movie starts!
I win!