Saturday, December 19, 2009

Schools Are Closed Monday and Tuesday!

Woohoo! No School from now until January 3rd. How wonderful -squeeeeeeee!
Pretty Christmas lights and 16 inches of snow
Spot [yes, that is Spot] actually likes it, but is too short to play in it.
Our table. Wow!
If you look close you can see how hard it is still snowing.
Scooby - he is helping to clean the back porch of snow.
He would stay out all day if we let him.

This is perfect. Extra time off with the kidlets. Now if the Federal Government would close for two days Pooldad would be off until January 3rd too!


Life in the mom lane said...

I am so jealous Skippy! we got a measly 8 inches or so by me... school tomorrow UGH! It was weird we are northwest of philly (who got like 16 " )and west of us my sister in law in York got over a foot.. we got the shaft snow wise :((((

Rudee said...

Wow! We got a dusting--maybe an inch or so. It was nothing a broom couldn't handle.

Have fun being snowed in!

Anonymous said...

So much snow! So exciting! That's so awesome. Enjoy that snow! :)

Linda and Denny said...

Keep your old snow, this old gal is heading for the sunshine!