Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Am All About the Easy

And it is realllllllly easy when you ask your 17 year old to make the most AWESOME hot crab dip ever!

Yes, another recipe - but, you see, we have a tendency to eat a lot when we are all home together. I have been craving crab and since it isn't quite the season for crab I tried looking up recipes for a hot crab dip. I never found one that I really had all the ingredients for looked good so I tasked the Squirrel to creating one. O.M.Goodness - this is good. Understatement of 2009.

Squirrel's Hot Crab Dip
2 cans crab, drained
2 bars of cream cheese, softened
1 bunch of scallions, chopped and divided
A couple of heaping tsp. size dollops of sour cream
2 tablspoons of Old Bay Seasoning [or more to taste]
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
A handful of grated parmesan cheese
1. Mix all the ingredients together except 1/4 cup of the scallions and the cheese. Squirrel used our stand mixer, but you could use a handmixer or just whip it up with a whisk.
2. Pour into a greased baking dish [8x8? 9x9? Pick what fits]
3. Sprinkle the top with remaining scallions and parmesan cheese
4. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven, covered, for 20 minutes. Remove cover and bake an additional 15 minutes until browned and bubbly.
An awesome way to serve this is in a bread bowl. Take a loaf of unsliced bread [sourdough, rye] cut off one inch on the top, scoop out the insides and cut into bite size pieces. Pour hot crab dip into bread bowl. [If you do this save the extra scallions for after cooking to garnish.] So good.
We ate it with thin slices of crunchy french bread.
I love that my kids can cook. :) And spoil me.


Life in the mom lane said...

That sounds really yummy & easy!!!!
I am stealing the recipe :D

Jeannie said...

Crab makes me want to puke but the rest of it sounds awesome!

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

Thanks for the recipe. We always have appetizers for dinner and evening on New Year's Eve. This will be a really good new addition.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I wonder if the fake seafood stuff would work. I love shellfish and so does my gouty husband. He can't have it and I wouldn't eat it in front of him, I am nice like that.