Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Stocking Question

HI! Christmas Spirit here!

Kidding, kidding.

I received an email from a newbie tadpole that asked if I filled these little stockings for the kids everyday before Christmas what exactly did I put in their actual [big] stocking on Christmas Eve?

Awesome question!

And I am happy to report I don't stuff their stockings on Christmas Eve.

Now, before you boo me horribly [no booing at Christmas tadpoles!] allow me to explain.

The kids are responsible for this tradition. They fill eachothers' stocking. We take them shopping and they pick out what they think their sister or brother would like. Who knows better what a kid wants then their sibling? And Pooldad and I fill eachothers.

We have had some pretty awesome stockings in the past and it is always fun to see what they select. I know Pooldad and I wouldn't think of half the stuff these guys choose.

I would've posted a picture of our [personalized] actual stockings, but I am still living under the delusion that this blog is anonymous. Giggle.

Merry Christmas! Oh, and come around on Wednesday because Pooldad and I are having a holiday give a way! YAY!


christopher said...

i like that stocking tradition. :) it's awesome that the kids are involved.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

What a wonderful tradition your family has!

Ordinary Housewife said...

That is one cool idea and you are one cool Christmas mom. I love family traditions. ;) I'm feeling quite warm and fuzzy right now.

SkippyMom said...

Thanks Chris - but this only works when your youngest child no longer believes in Santa [shhhh don't tell Bean!]

Thanks Kathy and Diane - I am having the best time this year. :)

Amy said...

I still really like that tradition.

I got a great card in the mail really are real!!! :0)


Linda and Denny said...

Where were you when my kids were young? I know, still in high school. Heh.

Very cool.

Yum Yucky said...

And now I love this idea more! I need to implement.

And many thanks for the Christmas cheer that was in my mailbox!

Love you lots.