Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Wait Is Over

The wait to find a home is over.
We found it!
We picked a home.

So, what do you think? Pretty cool, huh?  We think so.

There is a funny story about this house.  When we first relocated to the sticks [I have to stop calling it that because hi Skippy! You live here now]  Wallene was still in school up North. I spent a lot of hours just cruising various neighborhoods, by myself, trying to decide the best one for our family.  Basically I tooled around in Ozcarz until I saw "For Sale" signs and then if I liked the neighborhood and the house I would research it online.

When I saw this home was for sale I stopped the car in the middle of the street and just stared. The neighborhood is gorgeous. Very established, with the homes being built in the early 1980s.  The lots are huge and all the neighbors take really good care of their property. It is so quiet and full of trees.  If you walk to the end of the very long, dead end street you can see the mountains.  It really was THE neighborhood I wanted us to live in because it reminded me of exactly the neighborhoods my husband and I grew up in.

I called Steven [still sitting in the middle of the street mind you] and told him I had found our home.

Except?  When I got home and looked it up online I was heartbroken because not only was it quite a bit more money than we were willing to pay for a home, it was already under contract.  Sigh.

Flash forward to last Friday night and what do you think should appear back online, not under contract anymore and at a price we were willing to pay?  Ding-ding-ding!  I couldn't believe it.  Poor Steven thought I was going to hyperventilate I got so excited.  I couldn't sleep that night thinking someone was going to snatch up my house.

Yes, my house.

We were able to view it last night. I know! Three days? No other house was going to work [for me anyway, hee] but we still kept the blue house as a back up.  The realtor had been too busy to show this home to anyone so I slept a little bit better knowing it was safe for the weekend.

After seeing it we all knew this was the home for us.
Look! Built ins. YAY!
Living Room
It is 4 bedroom, 2 bath on 3 levels.  The beauty of it is the Master Bedroom, bath, kitchen and [as soon as we move them to the kitchen closet where there are already hook ups] the washer and dryer are all on the main level. ::skippyhappydanceagain::  The girls bedrooms and bath are upstairs. They have the whole floor to themselves.  With huge closets too.  The basement is finished in a fashion that only the year 1982 could have pulled off. Paneling, a lot of paneling, with berber carpeting and a massive built in bar. There is even a workshop in the back for all of my husband's tools. I thought Steven was going to bust from grinning over that level.  Oh, and the rest of the house is all hardwood.  And, and?  Our bathroom is done in blue porcelain with blue tiles up the wall bordered by more black tiles. I LOVE the 80's. ::giggle::  Wallene had seen the bathroom before me and she said "Um, Mom? I don't think you are going to like this."  Then Steven stepped in and laughing, said, "Oh, you don't know your Momma then."  He knew and I knew when I saw it I would fall in love. I did. A blue bathroom. Now tell me gang, how neat is that? Besides which, all my towels already match. ::grin::
See? SEE?  And if you think this is the ugliest bathroom ever, please don't ruin it for me. hee

It also has a bay window and a fireplace in the living room [see above]. And a formal dining room . . .and the kitchen is eat in with a window over the sink [this is a major plus for me]. With a dishwasher! [I can't tell you how hard it is to find a home with a dishwasher in these parts.  It got so we moved that waaaaay down the list. Yes, I am spoiled. Why do even ask? HA!]

OMGosh. I almost forgot. That 4th bedroom that is also on the main level?  Is going to be my craft room with a bed for guests.  Look at the shelving:
And one more pic'. The view from the front door/foyer. The door is off to the right of the pic'. Squee! Look at the staircase! Which I never, ever have to climb. Hee.
 Isn't it great? Sigh.

When you go looking for a house don't you write a few lists like ones entitled "Must Haves", "Would be Nice" and "Hell-to-the-noes-absolutely-not"?  I know we did.  With the exception of no garage this house checked every item on all our lists. And then some.  I just cannot believe it. [To be fair Steven only really wanted a garage to keep all of his stuff in - tools, golf clubs, etc.  That was solved with the basement. ::grin::]

Just when we thought we were going to have to settle on something that was just "okay" we were graced with just what we needed.  That this home is also exactly what and where we wanted just makes it that much sweeter.

The paperwork gets dropped off tonight and we will know by Thursday if it is ours.  There doesn't appear to be another interested party.  As our realtor said "I WILL make this happen for you."

From her lips to [God's] the owner's ears.

Hope you have a great Tuesday gang.  Smile loudly. LIFE IS A GIFT.
See ya' on the flipside. xo Janine


colenic said...

I LOVE IT!! The house is gorgeous...and even better is how excited you are about it....YAYAYAYAY...I will do the skippy happy dance with you...
fingers crossed and lots of love to you all....

PS- I love that it has a room for me to come sleep in (although you know I would pitch a tent in the yard if I had to)....love ya!

Carolyn said...

It looks BEE-U-TEE-FUL! Even the blue bathroom :)
Crossing fingers and toes for a smooth contract acceptance & closing!

thisisme said...

I'm over here doing the Skippy happy dance as well!! ;) :) YOUR house looks amazing, and I love how you're so excited about it. The girls must be delighted to have a floor all to themselves. I've got everything crossed for you my friend that it all goes well for you. Let us know as soon as you hear! xx

Juli said...

Goodie!!! AND there's an extra bedroom for me....

SapphireBlue said...

Oh my! So adorable! Ignore the ugly bathroom. You can change that. Good luck.

ellen abbott said...

Happy dance indeed! Don't you just love it when the universe comes through? But does it always have to wait til the last friggin' minute?

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

That is soooooo fabulous! Dontcha love how things just have a way of working out for the best? And I think that bathroom is terrific. (But what do I know? We still have shag carpet in our bedroom from the early '70s!)


Sherry said...

Happy for you!! Good things come to those who wait!!So I have always heard.I love blue and the fireplace is great. I can just picture your Christmas tree in the window.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

WEEEEE!!!!! With so much stress this week I need a bit of good news!!

I am going to send good thoughts to the sellers to accept your offer - and the fact that you don't have to climb stairs is the best of all!

Hugs and love, Biz

Gypsy said...

I'm jumping up and down with joy for you. At first when you said 3 levels I thought, on no Skippy, you don't want to climb stairs. And you don't have to. If I love a house I would never get wrapped around the axle over colors. That's why they make paint, tiles & countertops, and anything you can't live with you can change and take your time about it. Personally, I'd love a blue bathroom!

Drita Harris said...

Being in the real estate industry most of my life, I LOVE looking at houses and felt your excitement straight through the computer! The house is lovely, blue bathroom and all!!!! I hope you have a smooth transaction!!!

Jill Thomas said...

It seems to be perfect for you and from the pictures you've shown, I love it. I'm so happy for you. It's wonderful when things fall into place like that. It looks so peaceful sitting there on its lawn. Love love love it.

Sally said...

I'm crossing my fingers and saying prayers for you all, too! This house looks so nice! I love that there is a porch (we don't have one) and a nice bit of land, too!

Funny story, at least, I think so... My husband and I got engaged in April, 2005. We knew when we got engaged that it would probably be a year before we could get married, due to church and reception venue scheduling, etc.

We decided, though, that we should go ahead and start looking for a house because we knew it might take us a while to find one to suit our needs. Mainly, we knew that we needed a minimum of a 2 car garage. Of course, I wanted things like A/C, etc, too.

My SIL was a realtor at the time, too, so we knew that she would really help us and we could take all of the time we needed.

Well, I think my SIL took my husband to look at one house and then gave him the listing for another. He drove by it and asked me to drive by it... we went to look at it and both walked in and knew it was our house! I only ever looked at this one house!

Mystic Mud said...

Oh, Skippy, it is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it, I really, really do. And I have to tell you that I too have a "thing" for colored bathroom toilets/tubs/sinks......seriously! I know other people roll their eyes and aren't into to them,but to me they are sooooooo charming! I once had a studio with a pink bathroom.....toilet, tub, sink and it also had the tiled walls and I thought is was the neatest thing ever.....that was over 20 years ago, so it's been a long standing thing for me.....lol.

I owe you an email but I am dog tired tonight. The kids and I ran errands in town today after we got our morning chores done. You know we didn't get home till almost seven and we still had dinner to make......and mud pie is kicking my butt, so in the morning you are first on my list :)

I love the house....and you:). Have a good night....m

Mystic Mud said...

Oh, and I just have to say it......didn't I tell you that the right one would come along!? This one is out of earshot of the neighbors so you won't have to bring earplugs for that wild belly laugh of yours!.......lol!

Marni said...

THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations you guys. So happy and thrilled for you. I'm doing the puggy dance (kinda like the skippydance but with more twerking)


Jean said...

Fantastic news! I am so so pleased for you. It couldn't get any better than this could it?

Way better than the blue house.


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Congrats. I'm very happy for you.

Yum Yucky said...

HOORAY!!!! And so begins the house-moving adventure blog posts. God is GOOD! He worked it all out perfectly for you guys. Such a blessing.