Friday, May 28, 2010

Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes and No. . .YES!

Haven't done one of these posts in a while, so without further ado:

YES: I love this picture. This is Squirrel with one of her best friends on a field trip. They had a really good time as most of the pics from the day illustrate.
YES: While the girls shopped last night Pooldad and I sat on the patio of a local restaurant and had appetizers. It is a new restaurant called Bistro-Bistro and although the service stunk this dish was really tasty - Country pate' with warm, crusty french bread [pic' is a stock photo]. Since I didn't have nutritional info to check for the sodium I only had a few small bites - wow -heaven. [ETA: This is not goose liver pate' that we ate - it was a country pate' made with chicken livers]
NO: Unfortunately the escargot Pooldad ordered was just passable. The snails themselves were cooked correctly but the parsley, garlic and white wine reduction they were served in was cloying and too heavy on the parsley. Once I scaped it off they weren't bad - next time tho' we will order the mussels. [Oh, and seems I haven't lost my taste for champagne. hee!]
YES: Again a stock photo, but these are the shoes that Squirrel found to wear with her prom gown AND her graduation gown. I know that sounds odd, but believe me, they work. :D
YES: My all time favorite dessert. Key Lime Pie-which I am making for dessert today [the only salt is in the graham cracker crust and I eat those all day long! Woot!] Yes, I am very excited.
and finally NO: Sorry for all the stock photos but, since the first picture was taken of the girls, on my camera, which I loaned to the Squirrel, it has not worked and I have been unable to take any pictures. I should have known better - the child breaks everything. [I even warned her not to break it.]
Oh well - no worries I can have it fixed or buy another, right? And the pate was amazing as will be the pie [slurp!] and shopping was [sort of] a success last evening - although we spent $400 we barely put a dent in the lists the girls have of things they need - not want - literally need [i.e. shorts, bathing suits, tennis shoes, undergarments, graduation dresses and shoes]. I had no idea that clothes had become so expensive and the Porcupine is now in the same size range as her sister [junior/misses] and that is where the prices jump. I just dread having to finish off the shopping - not for the cost - I just hate shopping, except at the thrift store, but these are things that had to be bought new. Sigh.
But, come to think of it - eating pate' and drinking champange, alone with Pooldad, enjoying the warm evening breeze isn't EXACTLY shopping now, is it? YES!! heehee


Amy said...

Sounds like a great night. I am always amazed at how fast the money goes when we start shopping for the kids - and they are still little! We better start saving for when they are teens.

It is great to hear all the stuff you are doing. I am sooooo glad you are feeling better. You had a rough spring. You're right, bring on the summer!

Life in the mom lane said...

Sounds like a great evening! Two girls & you got away with spend only $400- I'd say that was a win shopping spree!!

lesthook said...

Good to hear you are out and about and having fun!

Linda in New Mexico said...

So glad you had an outing with Pooldad. Good for you two. Have a super weekend, The Olde Bagg Linda

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

awesome, awesome, awesome! sounds like an outstanding evening. jealous of the pate and champagne. yum. i ordered a margarita last night while waiting for our hamburgers. heavenly.

glad that you're getting out and feeling better. will send you a long email about my weekend. :(

ellen abbott said...

So glad you are out and about. And I am so glad my kids are grown. Enjoyed every minute but man are they expensive.

Michaela said...

Its great to hear you are going out with Hubby and having fun. That is more like it *smiles* Yes, kids are expensive hey? Cash just jumps out of my purse and runs off, I swear! Love ya! xxoo