Tuesday, May 25, 2010

There is Simply Nothing Quite Like It

I got my wish.

I have enough energy and strength to clean the kitchen, make lunches and cook dinner for the family. I can even go up/down the stairs at least twice a day if need be. And I actually vacuumed today - although the vacuum [canister] didn't move. hee. But I sucked up a boatload of Chessie hair. ;D

Life is good.



Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

woo-hoo! you're getting better! yippee!!!

word verification: huggin
i b huggin u

mi said...

oh yay!

i wish i could fedex you some DQ as a treat!

ellen abbott said...


Rudee said...

Excellent! And you're Skippymom again all the way around. You definitely deserve this improvement in well-being.

TinaM said...

So glad you are feeling good :)

Marni said...


RV Vagabonds said...

Golly, you're feeling better and you use your time and energy to do HOUSEWORK? Gah! Kidding. Glad to hear you're finally having some up time.

Michaela said...

hi sweetie, that is so great to hear, i feel like jumqing for joy! awesome to the maxxxx!!!
love ya lots, michaela xxxooo