Saturday, May 1, 2010

Time Is On My Side And I Have You All to Thank

While being held hostage to be discharged from the hospital today [see previous post] Pooldad and I decided to go shopping at their spectacular [and I do mean SPECTACULAR] Gift Shop. The trinkets and baubles within are not only lovely but they were so well priced - it was a lot of fun. I am seriously doing a lot of my Christmas shopping there. Good cause and all!

I saw this watch [picture below] but, as a rule I don't wear watches because I have very small wrists and unless I spend a lot time/money and have a watch fit well to my wrist they are unweildly and uncomfortable. So I rarely come across something as beautiful and unique that fits for under $20!

I decided to buy it, but it wasn't the fit issue it was for a better reason. I had a real reason and it has to do with you, my friends, my tadpoles, my confidants. You are the people that support me, give me hope and you prayed for me. Didn't you? I know you did - and that is what I find so wonderful about this simple and pure concept is all of your prayers. I was talking to Pooldad on the way home about it and I realized how different all of you are - these weren't simply Christian prayers [y'know the ones?-the ones I am used to being "that" Catholic in the bunch of us!] No, I had the whole plethora of prayer coming my way - Christian, Pagan, Wiccan, Earth Mother or Simply Your Beliefs and your good thoughts - they all came my way when I needed it the most and YOU ALL BOUGHT ME TIME. I know you can't realize what I have been through in the past 10 days, being in the hospital, but I was a very sick woman by April 21st when Pooldad called the ambulance because I could no longer breath. Only one of you knows when I got to the hospital everything they had to do to save my life. But you all, my friends, never doubted me - you always believed and all of your wonderful prayers saved me.

Sound maudalin don't I? Well tough because for the first time in ages [years?] I realized that outside of my simple family [Pooldad, Squirrel, Porcupine and my ILs] there are other people out there that do think of me, do love me and have my well being in their thoughts too.

I don't know what I can ever do to repay any of you in kind except some of those Catholic prayers I seem to like so much and I think are working too, :D but you all know that if there is anything else that within my capabilities to help you thrive as you make me do everyday then I would do it. Please don't hesitate to ask.

There is a certain calmness to this realization and as I said - I have y'all to thank. I love you all.

The watch:

Now to lighten this up just a bit: This is NOT the way to try to start an I.V. on Skippy when she is asleep via a large dose of Dialuad. Understood? Because she will wake up and try to beat you violently with the line. Good? Good. This sucker is going to take 6 months to heal.
And this is how bored I became on my "Skippy's Excellent 10 Day Hospital Stay". I started exfoliating, putting on wrinkle cream [don't laugh at me ladies this stuff WORKS and besides you have to believe me I BELIEVED you about that stupid colonoscopy stuff :D] and I started wearing makeup again - Do you know how long it has been since I wore make up? Eons - but I think I was so happy to be alive and almost pain free [compared to previous months] I wanted to be pretty. And I know that make up doesn't make the woman but it sure was nice to hear my 17 whisper to her Dad "Boy, Mom sure looks like her ol' self again, doesn't she? She is so pretty." Same kid that tried to hide me in the house for weeks on end because I was so sick and icky. :D WIN!
I meant what I said and I will say it again, because it is my belief that you don't always have the time to tell the ones you love just how much you do love and care about them until it is too late. I love you all, very much and I am happy April 21st wasn't my last day to let you know, because I wouldn't have been able to tell you.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Now look what you have done, you wonderful person you, you made an old broad cry. Loving you is one of the easiest things I have ever done. It just happened so quickly and easily Skippy do rah day.

I am so glad that the naked dancing under the full moon did the trick cuz my neighbors thought there was two full moons. One on the ground and one in the sky, tee hee....and the one on the ground was bigger. LOL

I am so relieved to know they finally let you come home. But no more pictures of the abuse. It's too horrifying and real. I'm a big chicken and hate to see anyones boo boo's.

Glad you got your game face back on in hospital. My family thinks that I am the only one who doesn't wear makeup all the time. Now you have gone to the dark side too....oh well, I will muddle on, unadorned without you.
I love you dear one, I am so excited that you are doing better, thank you for letting us know cuz the not knowing was hard too. (((hugs)))) until next time

lesthook said...

Wow,you do have tiny little wrists! I* wanted to strangle my Dr. when I had my co. They kept pushing my time later and later till my blood sugars went crazy from hunger and they decided it was time to give me a happy shot,LOL! Last I remember till I was half-way home. My daughter had to fill me in. I am SO happy you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Yay Skippy! *big hugs*

Gail said...

I love your watch and glad you are back home surrounded with the people you love and who love you.

Prayers are going up always.

Michaela said...

I feel like crying. Im so sorry for everything u went thru. You are a cute little music box dancer of a person, and you aways will be. Lupus sux ass, & why oh why did it hafta pick on you? Youre welcome for the prayers and all. Its all I ever wanted, too, just for a few extra people to REALLY know me and care about me. Love you! xxxooo

Martha said...

I'm sorry your hospital stay/tests were terible, but SO GLAD you get to go home!

RV Vagabonds said...

After all you've been through recently you deserved a pretty!

With everyone pulling so hard for you I can't see how you couldn't have felt all the love pouring in! So YAY! for coming home from the hospital, eating real food and being surrounded by folks who love you, both near and far!

Word vert; anglo Skippy has anglos watching over her.

ellen abbott said...

YAY! So glad you are going home.

mi said...

so glad you get to go home!
even when you're in the hospital, you're still full of that skippy spunk!

Life in the mom lane said...

Skippy I just read and saw what you went through...JERKS!

I am so happy to hear you are on the mend and headed for home!!!! Never doubt the power of prayer!! *MEGA HUGS*

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wow - i thought my wrists were little (for a big girl, anyway ). i'm so glad that prayers were answered and that april 29th was not your last day to tell us all what all is up. what did they decide was going on in that little body of yours? how's your real estate doing after the colonoscopy?

love and hugs...