Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You For the Compliment...But?

A lot of what I cook for the family I cannot eat due to the sodium content [raise your hand if you are tired of this subject ::Skippy waving frantically::] and usually I end up with a meal made off of the ingredients from their meal but with less/no sodium.

For example: Last night I made Wallene's all time favorite Chicken Pot Pie - but even with low salt chicken broth it still is too high for me to even have a little piece - I would have to not have any sodium all day to swing it. So I had boneless, skinless chicken breast shredded with steamed mixed veggies and boiled potatoes.

Yeah, kind of not the same.

The kids really liked it and were great with their thanks, etc. But Pooldad? He was just a bit too effusive. I mean everyone loves kudos and I really do, especially when it comes to my cooking - but,

Telling me "That was the BEST pot pie you have ever made. Boy Skippy you really outdid yourself this time." just really kills me. I know he meant well - but when I step on the scale and weigh this:
Dude, I don't really care how good YOUR dinner was. I know it was good. I made it. But I am starving and not just for calories.

Taste. Taste would be a good thing.

PS - I am not complaining, honest - I get to eat a lot of ice cream and cookies! Chocolate is amazingly low in sodium -go figure- lol - but do you all have any good tasting, low sodium recipes? I am tired of the same ol' stuff and I am in a rut. Help me!


mi said...

poor skippymom!

reading about that chicken pot pie had my mouth watering. i can only imagine how hard it is for you when you can see it!

Amy said...

I can't imagine cooking something SOOO GOOD and not being able to eat it.

But just think about how good you feel, that makes up for it...right?

Have a wonderful day. We are off to the little boys preschool graduation today. boo hoo.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

As you know, chicken pot pie is one of my favorites. Could you make it without using salt? Or is salt a required ingredient in the crust?

Someday, Skippy, you'll be chowing down on chicken pot pie!!!!

Michaela said...

Darling, I am sorry but I dont know nuthin about no sodium. I dont use a lot of salt in cooking, but the difference between a bit and none, well, Im thinking it matters. BTW I hope your weight is going up? 119lb sounds a little light. Yay, lucky you with the chocolate...Maybe chocolate is the new sodium?

RV Vagabonds said...

Rudee said...

Although I salt nothing at the table, I use plenty in the kitchen. I will think on this and ask around.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

you must be on less sodium per day than ron - or you watch it better than he does. i don't know... i am pretty careful with him but i'm not sure i could make him "not" eat any of that.

i feel for you on this but pretty jealous about the chocolate, ice cream, etc.