Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Longer I Live Here the Less Surprised I Am

Sleep well my baby . . .
. . . the dog may be your only mode of transportation in a few years.

It is no secret that I hate the Commonwealth of Virginia - or as we like to refer to it "Let's live in the Arbitrary State." Sigh.
VA has decided in the best interest of the safety of all children [those under the age of 18] who will be obtaining their driver's licenses that it is now mandatory that their parent/guardian pay for and attend a 90 minute class about the traffic laws unique to underage drivers.
Yes, allow me to repeat that - Pooldad or I must pay to attend a 90 minute driving class with our child in order that our child be allowed to obtain a driver's license.
Well - no. No. I refuse. I know the laws that pertain to underage drivers in our state - and I have discussed them with the Squirrel and will have a conversation [or thirty] with the Porcupine when the time comes [in 4.5 years] but I will be damned if I am going to pay to sit for 90 minutes to be lectured on something I already know and my kids know because the powers that be in VA are afraid some parents don't? What?
I am not concerned about the Squirrel because she turns 18 in a few months [eeek!] so she can sit through the class by herself - but unless this stupid, stupid, stupid law is repealled in the next few years you can bet your boots Miss Porcupine will be waiting until she is 18 to drive too - because I, repeat, will not do it.
In even stupider news [is stupider a word? Well, it ought to be if only to describe things that happen in VA] our govenor has decided he wants to pass a law that requires a toll [of $4 - $6 per car] between VA and NC on I-95.
I'll wait.
Interesting huh? He wants to charge $2-$3 per axle at the border between our two states to help pay for VA's infrastructure.
The man's an idiot. Seriously. Please don't get me wrong - I don't have a problem with tolls, per se, especially if they are in place when the roads are built to help pay for the roads, but I have a real problem with them when they are used as a money making scheme to pay for something as vague as VA's "infrastucture", especially on such an established by-way as I-95 into NC.
I hope NC slaps him silly. I also can't wait until the next election if this special lil' law gets passed because he will be voted out faster than you can say "Bad idea" because does anyone realize just how many people travel this route? It is the main route into/out of VA from NC.
Bah - I hate living in this godforsaken state, but everytime I turn around I discover I am stuck here for a few more years.
On a different note - appears as though the pneumonia didn't quite clear out the way the doctors told me so I am off to the doctors today to get some good drugs to clear it up once and for all. I am so tired of not being able to breath when I lay down, y'know?


Life in the mom lane said...

Nothing surprises me anymore- they talked about doing the same thing on a local highway here- Rt. 422- they thought that since people have no choice but to use 422 because there are no other major routes north/south to King of Prussia. (which allows you to get on either the Schuylkill or PA turnpike to get to Philly or points west)
Oh and down in Philly the mayor is proposing a tax on all sodas purchased within city limits .02 per oz.

Unbelievable- idiots!
Glad to hear your on the mend!!!! Get them good drugs!!!

Phelan said...

I didn't get my license until I was 19. And the only reason I got it then was because I was forced my my in-laws.

Rudee said...

Anything to make money. Around here, the police are unfairly targeting people speeding--even just 1 or 2 mph above limit--to increase their funds. Dolts.

Hope you get the meds you need to get better. Maybe a home nebulizer and breathing treatments would help.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Damn girl, I thought I lived in the suckiest state for money making schemes. Only here the politicians make up schemes to make money for themselves. We have not one toll road in the whole state. But not long ago, one of the native american pueblos between Santa Fe and Espanola was going to put a toll road in because the road went through the middle of their land. The pueblo governor and the pueblo police even got out in the road and stood there and refused to move. Weird but true. If we had a toll road from Las Cruces up this way, and if it were by paid based on number of occupants, our state could make a huge amount of money on the immigrant population coming north and they could check for "papers" at the same time. But Sweet Man says that would mean more trunk folks instead. He's right, I'm just a silly.
I sure wish (not as much as you do) that you were feeling better. I only had pneumonia once and thanks that's once too many times.
Linda and I (now I'm dubbed the other Linda) had such a super visit. I am so glad I bumped into her here on your blog. And Denny and Joe hit if off right away too. They looked like Mutt and Jeff. Denny is so tall and Joe is so .....cute.
Feel better sweet girl, I'm thinking good thoughts for you. (((hugs))) until next time

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you lived in the same wacky place I do!! Thank you for the heads up on the class - this I had not heard; A16 has her learners and K14 will have one in a few years. Looks like they both wait until 18!

TinaM said...

I guess I wouldn't mind it to much, more and more kids dying in car accidents... to many cars, to many cell phones and to many plain ole idiots on the road. It's a lot different learning to drive now than it was way back when. The class should be free though lol. How much is it going to cost?

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you crack me up. i'm so sorry you have to live there. the darn gov't just gets more intrusive by the day!!! ugh!

hope you get to feeling better asap! you poor gal!

thank you a TON for all of your great cooking advice. i completely appreciate it!!! i love the meat idea and stretching it to last all week. genius!