Monday, July 16, 2012

Your Golf? Is My Baking

Hello Tadpoles! We have returned from a most splendiforous vacation.  Great weather meant we spent a lot of time outside soaking in the scenery, the activities and well...just eachother. ::wink::

It was really nice to not have to do nuthin' for a whole week.  Although we did a lot of driving [I'll explain that later] but that is okay because we really like to take car trips together.  Pooldad calls me his "best co pilot".  Funny thing is I got most of my sleep IN the car this past week.  He says he doesn't mind, he just likes me there and he is very quick to upright me when I am in danger of hitting the dashboard. Or drooling. [I know, attractive picture, right?] heehee

The other thing we did a lot of was eat.  And eat. And eat.  Amazingly enough only two of our meals were eaten out - pizza and IHOP.  Go figure.  The rest were prepared at home.

I managed to bake  [not including breakfast, lunch and dinners made - this list are just the "goodies"] Please know that we shared with others - Pooldad and I didn't eat ALL of this:
4 pies - Peaches are in season, what can I say?  Two were apple tho'.  I am going to be really sad when peach season ends.
2 cakes, with a third made by Squirrel.  We are still trying to finish hers. So good.
2 loaves of wheat bread
1 loaf of sesame bread
3 batches of wheat rolls [3 dozen]
3 dozen doughnuts
Rolled dumplings
...and I am currently baking a cake as a thank you to Pooldad's coworkers for covering for him last week.

I also made numerous buckets [yes, that says: BUCKETS] of popcorn.  We watched movies every night and ate popcorn. And ate pie.  And ice cream.  And cake.  Did I mention cake?

Oh, and there was a Tastee Freeze in town.  A TASTEE FREEZE Tadpoles.  Thank goodness ice cream is low, low, low in sodium.  Otherwise....  The only bad part of the week is when their ice cream machine broke!  It might've had something to do with me stopping in every day early in the week and buying a cone.  We were very sad :( Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Seriously tho' - when we asked the girl [on Sunday] when would it be fixed she said "I don't know."  How can an ice cream shop NOT know when their main money maker is going to be fixed?  I realize it is the middle of nowhere Virginia, but they do make deliveries [for parts] and have people that can fix these things.  Sigh.  I survived tho'. giggle

At one point Pooldad was watching me roll out yet another pie crust and said "Skip you really need to relax.  C'mon. Sit down."  I asked him what he meant and he replied "I like to play golf to relax - but you are always cooking or baking something.  What do you DO to just get away from it all?  It is vacation y'know."
I thought about it a moment and said "Y'know - baking to me is like your golf to you. I love to do it and it does relax me. The only difference I can bake whenever I want."  Poor guy only gets to golf once or twice a year.  It's always busy season at work when it is golf season here.  I can't play golf [really bad eye hand coordination  - one of life's little mysteries] but I do love to ride along in the cart with him. And when we let one of the kids drive?  We're the Keystone cops on the cart path. I am surprised the resort hasn't kicked us out by now.

Anyway - he decided that was good and since he really appreciates the effort I don't think he is going to ask me to stop anytime soon.

In other news - here is where we were Saturday. We went to see Wallene perform at her sister's college for Marching Band Camp.  This is the brand new stadium. We can proudly say both our girl's have performed here:

And less than twenty four hours later it looks like this:
If you look to the right of the picture you can see the two white columns.  That is the end zone and you can see a bit of the stands to the right of that.  In the left of the pic' is the parking lot for the stadium.  I still get teary when I see this.  We had severe rains in Virginia Saturday night and this was the aftermath.  James Madison University [JMU] is built on hills in the valley of the mountains [if that makes sense]. This is Squirrel's University.  We are still receiving updates from her friends and professors.  Hopefully it will dry out soon.

That's about it for now.  I have a cake to decorate so I will see ya' on the flipside.  Don't forget to take care of YOU.



Jeannie said...

Wow - what a flood! Friday night it stormed here but no rain fell on our house. Meanwhile the road to the flats had gullies in it from the deluge there - just 5 miles away from home.

I love to bake too. I didn't for many years because Gary was supposed to lose weight. However, he didn't eat much of my baking before that so I was peeved. And when they started forbidding foods - guess what he craved and ate even more of? Contrary fellow. And it was after that, I started gaining weight too - I think because home baking is satisfying while store bought isn't. I've been baking more over the past week or so and it makes me happier. And surprise! I've lost a couple pounds. Go figure.

I'm so glad you had a nice vacation. That's something we never get in the summer. I'm lying - we've taken long weekends - but that's not the same as a week.

I missed you.

Jill said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. I like to relax by reading. I can read several books in a week of vacation, and magazines, mail flyers, maps, travel brochures. You name it and I love relaxing and reading it.

CWMartin said...

Wow sorry to see the flood- even if I do root for William and Mary!

ellen abbott said...

good to hear you had a great vacation. we had five days in a row of rain which was very welcome here but the mosquitoes are vicious. I think all the eggs that didn't hatch last year are hatching along with this years eggs.

colenic said...

Sounds like an amazing vacation....I hear you about the baking...sometimes that's all that will make me relax.
Hugs and love to you!!

Tracy said...

Glad you had a relaxing vacation baking. I love to bake but I can't handle the calories and my husband hates to give away my good food. So I just never do it.

Juli said...

That's a lot of water! Crazy. We haven't had rain here in weeks.

So glad you had a great time away. I was wondering how you would connect golf and baking. Well done! You deserve a cookie. ;)

life in the mom lane said...

I have been salivating just reading about your baking!!!! My kind of food! We saw the pics of JMU and were worried, but heard that the water has been pretty much drained away.
I'm glad you had such a great vacation!!! :)

Knitty said...

Glad you had a good time baking up a storm. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have used that expression considering the rain that hit the college. Such a strange year for weather all over. :-(

What template are you using now? Has anyone else had trouble navigating? I'm about ready to get rid of the palm trees on mine and go back to something simpler. Furniture is too heavy to move, but backgrounds are easy!

Thisisme. said...

So pleased dear Skippy to hear that you had such a good vacation. YAY!! That must have been some storm, and I'm just glad that your home wasn't affected by it at all. I'm afraid that I'm not really into baking, but I'm always envious of others who really enjoy it, and you've certainly been doing a lot of baking recently! Sending hugs from across the pond.