Thursday, July 26, 2012

Truth Is Thursday. . .

[Juli you can pick your chin up off your keyboard now. Thank you. heehee]

Truth is. . .that is what I saw when I walked out of my bedroom last night. Never a dull moment with these two around. . .

Been a while since I have done a "Truth is. . ." post but since I am trying to keep up with this blog I thought what the heck.

Truth is. . .I am done keeping my fingernails long.  They grow fast and don't break or chip, but I am growing a wee bit tired of spending half my time picking dough and pie crust out from underneath of them. [You're welcome for that mental pic'.]  It is such a pain in the patoot.  I got so fed up yesterday while making dinner that I stopped in the middle of the pie crust and grabbed the clippers. And chopped those suckers off - flour, fats and all.  Took me until today to file them tho'. hee

Truth is. . .I still can't sleep [color you surprised, I am sure] so this morning I made banana bread and paid all our bills.  We are now broke, but the house sure smells yummy. :)

Truth is. . .I am kidding about being broke.  It is just a little tight this next month with Squirrel going back to college and three birthdays coming up.

Truth is. . .this will be my last mention of baking [on this post anyway] but did you know that baking soda and baking powder are EXTREMELY high in sodium?  I knew this, but it isn't something a lot of people think of when they bake.  Thankfully they do make sodium free substitutes for both and I am buying them online from Amazon tomorrow.  I would really like to be able to eat the cakes and quick breads I make.

Truth is. . .I have never been one to write a birthday wish list or a "What I want for Christmas list" so much, usually only if Pooldad insists then I vote for socks or pajamas, but I have a new found appreciation for actually wanting things.  Things for my new hobby.  A hobby I promised I wouldn't mention in this post again, but y'know what?  There are a bazillion really cool toys, products and ingredients that I covet, but would never think to buy for myself.  I skippyhappydanced in the grocery store the other day when I discovered my store carries European butter.  ::swoon::  And that is just the beginning.

Truth is. . .and this is a biggie.  I blew it on vacation.  BIG TIME.  And I paid for it.  Although we were gone for nine days we only ate out twice - once for pizza and once for a hamburger at IHOP. But...I did manage to eat everything, and then some, of what I made at home. For example - remember I mentioned "buckets of popcorn"?  I wasn't kidding.  And shame on me - I put salt on it.  A LOT of salt.  All told I gained 10 lbs+ of water/congestion in a few days. Stupid.Stupid.Stupid.  I have been so good for so long that I think I had a false sense of security and thought "Well, one piece of pie won't hurt" even after I had already had popcorn, and also bread and a piece of cake at lunch. It adds up and it adds up quickly. We came home and I damn near ended up back in the hospital. My doctor told me to come in to see him and I actually told him "No." I don't want that and I certainly don't need the lectures about how they are working so diligently to take care of my other health concerns that how dare I endanger my health further with something that is so easy to control.  It took me 4 days but I managed to go back to my pre vacation weight, but my little foray into all things salty really screwed me up.  It only took three years [from my initial diagnosis], but I learned my lesson. THAT is a wagon I won't be falling off of again.  The salt wagon, heehee - I'm keeping that one. ::wink::

Truth is?  I am tired of it all.  Really tired.  And not just physically.  I miss me, I miss being able to stand up, sit, lay in bed - just BE - without being in pain.

Truth is. . .I can imagine how weary you are of hearing me repeat myself.  Can you imagine how bored I am living it?

Truth is. . .I wish my world wasn't colored by how sick I am and instead was actually just the daisies and lollipops I imagine it would be if I wasn't sick.  Because outside of those issues, we have a pretty damn nice life.  And I know it.  I wish I could enjoy it a bit more.

Ah well, that is being greedy I suppose.  It could be worse, right?  I know that too.

On a funnier note - Pooldad doesn't realize I have thrown him under the bus by offering up a guest post from him and so far he is winning in the voting. Bwahahaha - thank goodness the man is such a good sport.

Take care Tadpoles. I am off to make lunches and get the family on the road.  Just another day in the pond. Enjoy yourselves and take care of YOU!


Rudee said...

It's a shame that something so tasty can be so bad for you. I had no idea you could buy sodium free baking powder and soda. No idea at all!

European style butter? It's worth the extra cost and makes a difference in the texture of baked goods. It has much less water content than our homegrown variety. I still buy the store brand for those in the house who don't really care and hide the good stuff for baking. I really like the Kerry Gold. And Plugra.

colenic said...

I LOVED this one...I am glad that you found an alternative to baking soda/powder..
I can't believe Squirrel goes back to school that soon. Major bummer..but I am sure you will enjoy every last moment with her..
Hugs and love to you!

CWMartin said...

Truth is... I am constantly amazed at the sunshine you put out while fighting all that pain. I'm about ready to write a whiny post because I slept on my shoulder wrong last night! I can't imagine, if I even just had your food restrictions... no wait, yes I can. I'd be on death row. I don't know if I would have killed the doctor or just an innocent bystander, but I'd be on death row. Go Nats! The Reds are waiting for you...

SciFiChick said...

Truth is... I spewed coffee on my keyboard when I saw that first picture.

Truth is... I think you are one courageous and beautiful person!

Jeannie said...

I hate pain that doesn't go away. I'm glad baking distracts you a little bit - and that you found a sodium free leavening agent - must be a commercial product - can't wait to hear how it works for you.

Naughty naughty with the salt - too bad it caught up with you. I don't generally cook with or sprinkle a lot of salt on my food but I know that I still get quite a lot of it. It's in just about everything but raw ingredients isn't it? I can't imagine trying to banish it as much as you have to. Eating out is dangerous.

Can't wait to hear from Pooldad!

(I wish I had your nails! I had a manicure and my nails are destroyed - it'll be a couple more months for my normally poor nails to grow out)

Tracy said...

Banana bread smell to wake up is surely a treat.

I understand about stuff getting under nails. I'm looking at mine right now thinking I really need to trim them. You still can paint them interestingly though when short.

Tony Van Helsing said...

If we were sick or hearing it we wouldn't be here. It must be hell to feel this sick all the time.

Yart said...

Truth is that we care about you and we come back time after time to make sure your ok....

Truth is you are a very strong and courageous woman... So if you need to complain a bit we are here for you!

Truth is you need to post more pictures of all this wonderful food... No a/c and its to hot to bake here... LOL!

sapphireblue said...

Salt is a very sneaky one. It hides well.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Truth is we're always happy to hear from you, no matter what you have to say.
Truth is if there were something we could do to take some of that pain away from you, we would.
Truth is you have the most wonderful family ... exactly the family you deserve.

Gypsy said...

I've always preferred salty things to sweet things, but I'm finding out that my taste buds are beginning to reverse. If I stick to what I make from scratch I don't have any problem with either one, but if I slip and buy a convenience product (like Pop Tarts) for camping, I get addicted to all that sugar real fast. I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain, and don't know anything to tell you except I hope it gets better soon.

Knitty said...

Truth is...I'd read your grocery list so don't worry about anything you decide to write.

In a past life of mine, when I had acrylic nails done every 3 weeks, I once ran out of the house eating a slice of pizza in the car on the way to my appointment. I was running late and the pizza was dinner. Imagine my embarassment when the technician picked up my hand (you weren't supposed to wash them there, they were supposed to be completely dry for her to start) and there was pizza sauce under my nails!

Allow me to suck my fingers clean and slink out of here....

Sally said...

I did not know that baking soda and powder are high in sodium! That's crummy and just another thing to add to my mental file cabinet. I wonder if I can find any substitutes at my local stores?

I love getting new appliances and cooking stuff for Christmas! The last couple years I have gotten a Cuisinart Food Processor (love it!) and a KitchenAid mixer (love it, too!) They are both so nice. My SIL gave me one of those As Seen On TV brownie pans that bakes the brownies all cut up... Yes, it does work very well and I love it, too!