Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Overheard At the Pond

In our home the hiearchy, at least in Spot's, eyes is as follows:

1. Pooldad
Pack leader
2.  Skippy
Food Source/Walker
3. Wallene
Her big sister
4. Spot
and way down here?

 5. Squirrel

Don't misunderstand me - Spot ADORES Squirrel, but Squirrel has gone off to college one too many times for the pup's taste [I think] so Spot feels it is her right that she gets to take Squirrel's place, because, y'know, SHE is here all the time, not our daughter.  The dog constantly tries to dominate Squirrel in the usual doggy ways.  It can be quite funny [if it wasn't so sad. giggle]

I obviously have too much time on my hands.
I am analyzing the dog.  

But wait! does have a point. :D:

We were all hanging out in the den tonight watching TV when Wallene began to tease Squirrel by pushing the ottoman out from under her.  A lot of giggling, screaming and carrying on ensued which made the dog excited.  My favorite thing since she was sitting on my lap.  ::eyeroll::  Spot was jumping up and down, barking frantically at the girls while Dad and I laughed.  That just made the dog bark more.

Before the poor girl stroked out I chimed in with "Wallene leave the dog's humpee alone, would you?"

Squirrel shot back, "Oh great! Does this mean I am the dog's BLOW UP DOLL now?"

We fell out laughing.

So nice when the kids grow up and can share what they know, isn't it?

Okay, so that was a lot of post for one funny line - I'm trying here. In fact, I have several posts I want to write, but the eluuuuuuuuudes me.  So help me out - I will give you the titles to some of the ones I am considering and you guys vote on which one you want to read. Fair?  Desperate?  Boring? 

Here goes:

1. More Meltdowns Than Three Mile Island
2. Bringing Back the 80's One Perm at a Time - A Pictorial
3. The Post Where Skippy Loses Her Shit 
    I have already written this one out - and well, I am still on the fence about posting it. A lot of cussing Tadpoles. :)
4.  The Masked Baker - A Vlog on "How to Knead Bread" 
    I have been asked this a few times and I promised Tony one, so if this gets voted in I may get my behoohoo in gear and actually do it.  Me and flour. What could be more fun, right? ::yawn::  Oh and you get to hear my lilting voice. ha!
5.  I'll Believe it When I See It
6.  A guest post from Pooldad [one where he doesn't talk about me - see? I let you off the hook there.]  The man has some funny stories.
7.  Another comic

Okay, that's all I have for now. If you guys think of anything else, let me know - but I need a kick in the pants right now.

Otherwise I analyze the fish next.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

See you on the flipside gang!  Make it a great day. :D


Carolyn Renee said...

OMG, I finally learned how to comment on this new page!! (I wasn't scrolling down enough).

Anyways, I vote for the perm pictures, then anything comedic.....then the fish analysis.

CWMartin said...

I vote 3, 6, and 1, in that order.

Also, for a sequel to "Squirrel, the doggie blow up doll".

Scrappy's easiest route to "all wound up" is for me to "attack" Laurie. He'll a)bark, B) go get a toy to diustract me with, and c) arm-hump until I turn on him. (NOT "turn him on"!) By contrast, if Laurie attacks ME, he just gets between us and whimpers. Thanks a lot!

sapphireblue said...

I want to see another comic. That would be awesome!

Knitty said...

I want all seven!

Jill said...

I want all seven also, but #5 has me intrigued.

colenic said...

Your trick worked!! I can comment now!! I can just picture the hilarity that ensued in your living room the other night with the girls and the dog...hugs!

Jeannie said...

Well isn't Blogger acting up today! I checked my feed earlier and you weren't there with the couple new ones. I scrolled down now - past the ones I'd already checked out and there you were! That's how posts get missed I guess.

I want to hear from Pooldad - you can do the rest too - the perms sound good for a bleak day

Anonymous said...

My vote is: 2. Bringing Back the 80's One Perm at a Time - A Pictorial

And anytime you post a comic I will love it!

Jeannie said...

Oh - I meant to say that ou r Dex LOVES Cara - but almost as an equal. He defers to Graeme more than any of us - Graeme doesn't let him away with anything. However, he doesn't like anyone horning in on my affections and will stick his nose into any hug.

Tracy said...

Fish analysis. Sounds gripping.

I vote for meltdowns.

Yart said...

I vote for I'll believe it when I see it.

Thisisme. said...

Hi Skippy! I would definitely go for no. 2 - Bringing back the 80s,one perm at a time - a pictorial. Followed by a guest post from your very own Pooldad! That would be really good. Ignore all the others above, and pick mine, pick mine!!! LOL!!!

EM Illustrator said...

I vote for I'll believe it when I see it.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i vote for the perm photos. hahaha!

cracked up over the blow up doll. too, too funny!!!!!

also - love the new layout. very slick.

Yum Yucky said...

dear gawd. I vote for ALL of them. I'm greedy like that. Also, if there are any future Ottaman incidents, can you please capture on tape for laughing pleasure?