Sunday, June 5, 2011

Team Wallene Went 1 For 5 Today!

Yep!  Today at the Washington Post Hunt we managed to solve 1 of the 5 clues.  Giggle.

I think next year we will be called "Team Clueless" or "Team Doofus". was SO much fun!  Who cares if we solved 1, 2 or all of them?  Not us - because, really, it isn't the point of the excursion for us.  It is about hanging out, seeing the sites of D.C. and trying the challenge.  Wallene is actually the best at the clues but we just could not figure them out. They are HARD. [Or Mom & Dad are just stoopid. heehee]

Anyhoodle - without further ado here are the pics' from today:

The requisite Wallene shots from the car of monuments and such -
United States Institute of Peace
Such a pretty building

I think this is the IRS

Here are our shirts -
At the first clue
And how we identified ourselves as "Team Wallene" and each of our names -

Pooldad insisted we put it on his arms instead
Eating hotdogs. :)
And I never make it home without a picture of a duck [always taken by Wallene] -
This statue makes me wonder everytime I see it -
The reason is because it is the "Boy Scouts of America" memorial statue.  Why is the grown man [behind the boy scout] naked?  Is it just me or would you wonder the same thing?
This is in front of the Newseum - they have the front page of every state's major paper posted everyday. So cool:
I could have stayed here all day. Fascinating!
MY hotdog!  Yes - I got one. Yummy!
I only ate 2/3 of it - it was really good tho'
I think she had a good time:
I know her Dad and I sure did.

Thank you to both Pooldad and Wallene for pushing me all over NW D.C. [Sidenote: It is very bumpy let me just say. :D But, better then  having to walk.]

Hope everyone's Sunday was beautiful and full of smiles too. :)

Hugs and love.

ETA:  One more pic' for the perfect end to the perfect day - Pooldad grilled out and we had cheeseburgers, chips, pickles, watermelon and iced tea - one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had. 

Enjoy your night. :D


Odie Langley said...

Wonderful pictures Skippy and I know it was a joy for you. I really enjoyed this post.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great pictures! glad that you got to go on the excursion! that pushing over bumpy terrain is tough on the rear end. LOL - Ron can attest to that as well.

Mustang Sally said...

That looks like it would be so much fun! The pictures show just how much you were enjoying yourselves.

I love puzzles and walking around DC so I would jump at the chance to do this. Thanks for giving me a peek at it.

Bouncin' Barb said...

My feet hurt just thinking about all the walking they did! Sounds like you all had a great time. By the smile on "little Skippy's" face I'd say she was having a very good time. So happy you got out for the day too. Precious moments indeed.

qandlequeen said...

How fun!

Sally said...

This seems like it would be a lot of fun! Some friends and I did something similar to this once...only it was car based and went to several different towns. I wasn't too enamoured with the person we let drive...but that's another story. This type of hunt would be perfect! That would be cool to go by the Newseum and read all of the front pages.

becca said...

wonderful pictures looks like lots of fun

Jeannie said...

What a perfect day! Who dyed the shirts? know, I really want an old wheelchair so I can hook up Dex and have him pull me around. People look at me like I'm nuts.

Clues can sometimes be clueless.

So glad you had a good time.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Fantasic photos and I hope you had good walking shoes on, sometimes I am good at puzzles other times I have about as much of idea what the answer would be as my dog......

Yeah that statue would make me think WTF.

lyndylou said...

sounds like just the best of days and that tee hee hee

RV Vagabonds said...

The female on the Boy Scout statue appears to have on a minimal amount of clothing also. Very strange.

Glad you had such a fun day out, perfect weather and such great summer foods. Because there isn't anything better than cheeseburgers and hotdogs.

You started my day off with a smile with this post and I thank you for that.

Julie said...

the photos look great and that burger - yum! When can i come visit!?!?!
Some of the kids from Paul's school went to Washington DC last october (NY and Philidelphia as well). By the time i found out they were doing the trip, all the places had been taken, so Paul didn't go. Mind you, on the plus side, he had Barcelona last summer and Disney Paris at christmas!!!

ellen abbott said...

hot dog for lunch, hamburger for dinner. can't get more American than that.

re the boy scouts statue..I know right? especially considering how homophobic the boy scouts are.

Thisisme. said...

Hi Skippy! Super photos for us to look at today and, especially for me over here in England, to see all those famous landmarks - a real treat. (Can I say, nice legs, by the way?!). So pleased you got out and had such a great day, with a lovely end to it as well. A real treat indeed. I love your little family! Hugs.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh, wow! That sounds like such a totally fantabulous way to spend a day! I grew up in Baltimore, and have always loved D.C. The hunt would make it even more fun. (kinda like a road rally without the cars ...)

As for the statue, um, yeah, that's beyond weird. Has a certain ick factor.

Jumble Mash said...

Great photos and sounds amazing!

The Adorkable Ditz said...

Sounds like an amazing day! I wish my family would do something like that and let me write on their legs! lol.