Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Don't Know If It Is 400 Miles Worth of Good

My wonderful husband has his own group of blogging buddies.  They are a group of guys that met up [online] a few years ago to talk about their love of everything football, but mostly their love of all things Dallas Cowboys ["America's Team"].

They are a great group of guys and a lot of fun to chat with on the phone and hang out with in the virtual world.  Every year they even have a summit in Dallas where some of them meet up, tailgate and go to a Cowboy's game.  We  have yet to make one but hopefully we will be there one day.

Pooldad and the honorary President of the group, Nader, were talking on the phone this weekend when Nader mentioned that he was being abandoned by his family on Father's Day.  Poor Nader.  Actually, it was entirely unintentional on his family's part, but nonetheless he will be home alone.

So what's Pooldad go and do?  He invites Nader to spend the weekend with us! YAY!  It wasn't until I got on the phone to talk to Nader that he said that he was excited to come but he would only visit on one condition - the condition being that I make my "world famous" [his words, not mine] fried chicken.  He said all the guys had heard about the chicken from Pooldad and he wanted to be the first to taste it so he could report back how good it was.

Ooookay then.  No pressure, right?

I have made it a lot for a lot of different people but I have never made it for someone that is driving 400 miles for it!  Yeah. No pressure indeed.
I don't guess the family will be too disappointed if I have to practice a few times between now and Father's Day, do you? heehee

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday.  I am off to shake, shake, shake - shake my chicken!
See ya' on the [floury] flipside gang!


Mountain Mama said...

Well, ya know if that's what it takes to get some of your famous fried chicken, let me just say that my hubby is going to be working all weekend and the little guy and I are hungry already from looking at that picture! Unfortunately, hubby will have our van since it's a side job and I'm not allowed to take his work truck so I guess we're going to be deprived. :'(

I will be thinking of you guys and feeling very jealous of Nader. Bummer that his family is abandoning him for the weekend but something tells me he's not going to mind much once he gets to your place and starts enjoying your hospitality. My stomach is growling! Thanks a lot, Skippy!

Have a great weekend if I don't "see" ya before then. If you get a chance, take a pic of Nader chowing down so I can at least live vicariously through him! LOL ;)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

yum... fried chicken. love it but sadly (for ron), i don't make it very often. it's just so much work for the two of us. i know... that's just laziness talking.

enjoy your practice although i'm sure you don't need the practice.

sapphireblue said...

Some things are just worth the drive.

Jeannie said...

If you'd share the recipe - I would probably try to make it - I never make fried chicken. I've never done it well and so it's never been worth the extra calories.

That's pretty cool that someone is driving so far to see you and your chicken. I will rarely do that for family! (my brother lives about 400 miles away and it's been a few years now)

Thisisme. said...

That is so thoughtful of Pooldad to invite Nader along for Father's Day. Your fried chicken will be an absolute triumph, I'm sure!! Have a wonderful time. (As you say - no pressure!! Hee Hee!!).

Anonymous said...

I want your fried chicken!!!! :O