Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How I Spent my 27th Birthday

It is early in the morning. Senior [my first husband] is showering and I am already dressed and getting our one year old daughter and two year old son ready to go to daycare. I have a 12 hour day ahead of me, working, on my birthday.

The kids are sitting in front of the TV, watching Barney, while Senior is in the kitchen getting his coffee. I walk down the stairs [I will never forget the gorgeous suit I had on. I gave it away soon after. I still regret it.] and I greet him.

He turns to me.

Senior: I am leaving.
Skippy: Okay. [leans in for a kiss] Have a great day.
Senior: [he pushes me back] No. I am leaving. Leaving you. And the kids.
Skippy: Um. okay?
Senior: Goodbye Skippy.
Skippy: 'bye.
That was the absolute totality of that conversation. I was devastated. I had no idea he was planning this and no idea that he would be cruel enough to pick my birthday to do it. He did. I took the kids to daycare because I absolutely had to go to work that day. I had no choice.

I worked the whole day [I ended up actually working 13.5] and I stopped for one drink after work to "salute" myself. Do you know how empty a bar is on a Wednesday night at 10:30? It was pretty damn lonely.

I arrived home at 11:30 pm, put the kids to bed and started my new life the next day.