Saturday, September 5, 2009

Champange Weekend!

The time is here tadpoles, the time is here.

We received official confirmation at 3 pm, September 4, 2009 that we no longer owe a dime of child support.


Before anyone reads this and thinks that we have wanted to shirk our responsibility to Pooldad's children, we did not. Never have and if they need anything, we never will.

The fact is: We were caught in a system [VA DCSE] that FORCED us to pay an extra $14,000 [plus] for two years to a child that was too old and not eligible to receive support. And NO, we were not [and will not be] reimbursed for the overpayment. Although the mother knew she wasn't entitled to the extra payments for TWO YEARS she never mentioned it. To recoup the money we would have to take her to court and I am just not going there. Our obligation to Pooldad's youngest son should have ended when the courts recorded we had overpaid by two years for his older sister. They simply ended payments to his 20 year old daughter [yes, 20 years old] and required us to continue paying for his son.

The end of the child support payments mean that we no longer have to accept the ex's abusive phone calls, her stalkerish behavoir or her vile, vile actions.

We miss the kids. But we will NEVER miss her.

Buy Korbel stock - 'cause tadpoles? It is gonna be a champange kind of weekend.


Gail said...

Congratulations! More camping time acomin'

WV was it a sign???

Yvo Sin said...

Hooray for extra cash or rather... getting part of your salary back!!! :)

Linda and Denny said...

While the idea of child support is good for the ones who have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to support their children, sometimes they mess it up for the good folks. When my ex was diagnosed with brain cancer, I had to fight to get the courts to DROP his child support payments--he was in no condition to pay them. Gah.