Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is what you look like Saturday morning when you spent all day Friday talking to lawyers and crying.
[Bad lighting and no make up adds to the beauty, y'think? Oh, and I think I needed a shower. :)]
Hell. These are cool bikes you can rent. They hurt your behind tho'.
My Happy Camper. Check out the shirt. Too cute isn't it?
[Click on it to read it. I love it.]
This is too much white, on white, on white for a photo [sorry I don't have Yvo, Amy or Gail's mad photog skillz],
but dayum this was good.
Followed Yvo's advice on the potatoes and we smoked the chicken.
I want to go back simply for this dinner. So good.
That is about all I got Tadpoles. It has been a long week and I am crazily tired.


Amy said...

lawyers and crying??? I would run off into the woods, too.

The chicken looked good, but for some reason the baked potato was looking mighty tasty.

Gail said...

Same question; lawyers and crying??? Can we help?

christopher said...

I third the "lawyers and crying???"

Also, the food looks amazing, and has the perfect amount of white and off-white. ;)

Linda and Denny said...

The Great Outs'mores; *snort* Love it.

Chin up, girl. We've got your back.

Rudee said...

Since your comments are closed on your latest posts, I'm dropping a line to wish you a Happy Birthday.

I wish for you some sunny days.


Mamma Christine said...

No room for comments up above, I came from Raising Redheads and wanted to wish you Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...