Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Wallene in front of our kamping kabin.
We were at a KOA - everything is spelled like that.
Sammy was a constant visitor. He loves crackers. And cheese.
Wallene made a new friend. She is very sweet.
The only pic' Wallene managed to take of me.

The one fire we were able to start.
Notice I said "start" and didn't mention we kept it going? It rained. It rained all weekend except for about a 4 hour window on Saturday when we were able to cram in fishing [they were biting!] the pool, bike riding and a quick hot dog dinner. Then it poured. Bless Wallene's heart I took a quick nap Saturday night and she stayed out in the rain trying to keep the fire going to warm me up - even using a whole pack of paper plates to help it along. [Didn't work :( ]. We had a great time but forgot about the heater in the cabin and about froze our heinies off Saturday night. It was cold!
I had a "Now I have seen everything" moment while camping with Wallene. We walked into the restroom and standing at the sink was a fellow camper who was washing raw chicken in one of the bathroom sinks. I just stared because I honestly couldn't believe it. We went about our business and when we came out she was gone, but her mess was all over the counter and sink. Salmonella much, anyone? We let the front office know [without revealing who it was] and they quickly went and sanitized it.
Then there was the deja vu' of our other camping stalker. Seems the maintenance man [the guy who cruises around on his lil' golf cart doing various duties] took quite a shine to Wallene and me and took to stopping by several times a day at the cabin to chat and even joined us [uninvited, but with his own pole] for fishing on Saturday. It was creepy. Wallene was uncomfortable so I said to her "Let's go back to the cabin and call Daddy", hoping he would hear. He did and responded "Oh, where is he? And you make sure you tell him to come on over and teach y'all how to fish." I replied "He is on call this weekend and WE taught him how to fish, tyvm." [True. Wallene and I can seriously fish y'all.] He finally got the point and left us alone after that but made sure to wish us well when we left early the next morning.
All-in-all it was a fun time and we really didn't want to leave. We will be back soon I am sure.


Rudee said...

Like a bee to a flower, you seem to attract them. I don't like when men seem a little too familiar. It seems like some just don't get proper boundaries.

Yvo said...

Sounds like an awesome time! I'm a lil jealous, I never had THAT much one-on-one time with Mom :)

Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful memory made there.

What is about you ladies and the guys???