Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There's Just Something Not Right About That

A couple of observations from the pond this week. Things that made me go "Hmmmmm. Something not right about that."
  • What is the fun in having your best friend home from work for a few extra days and all he does is sleep.  Yeesh. We finally get a bit of good news, I'm feeling like a million bucks and my poor husband goes and gets the head cold of all head colds.  Dangit.  He really is sick, but still, we are just so happy, sooo happy, that I can take care of him. It will never make up for all he has done for me in the past few years, but it's a start. Besides, it's fun.  The whole nurse/patient scenario thing, right? 'Cept my patient is in a coma.  I did tell Pooldad that I would've gone batshit insane these past 4 years if the roles had been reversed and he had spent such an enormous amount of time in bed as I have had to do. It's like your favorite person in the whole wide world is mere steps away, but you can't touch, talk to, play with them. All's well tho' and we really appreciate the good wishes and the hint about the Listerine [Thanks Juli].  New favorite word this week? "Lurgy" [courtesy of Pete's Mom] has just the right amount of phlegmy sound to make it perfectly descriptive for what Pooldad has.
  • This one made me drop my tea mug on Monday.  So, here it is 2013 and I FINALLY decide to make an honest Catholic out of my husband and convert. ::gasp::  No great shakes. Y'all know this and we have always been Catholic in our practices and beliefs [okay, we try, we're Christian, not perfect], but with a little mortal sin and no paperwork thrown in just to make it more interesting, right?  And now? NOW? The Pope, our Pope, the head of our Church, the closest man to God on this planet, decides to resign?  REALLY?  First Pope in 600 years.  When I heard this I was, initially, sad, but then I began to wonder.   What is God trying to tell me?  Did Pope Benedict get the memo that I am becoming a Catholic in a mere few weeks and suddenly he decided that this was the end of the Church as they know it, so he might as well get out before I get in? ::laughing:: Yes Tadpoles, MY mind DOES work like this.  Sick, isn't it?  I am sad tho' and I shouldn't joke because for Pope Benedict to resign before death means that he must be really ill and his time is probably measured in days, not months. I sense that he didn't want to die close to Easter and decided to leave so a new Pope would be chosen and would be able to lead us through our most holy season. We all pray for him.
  • And finally I just wanna know.  When was my doctor going to tell me that all this weight I am so excited about is actually just water? Skippy you really need to read up on this stuff more and stop blaming the doctor for not telling you everything.  Water that will disappear in 7 weeks when I am done with this drug?  For the first time in oh....3 years? I didn't weigh myself this morning. And I am not going to again.  I am finished. Fini. Nevermore :P  I know my body well enough that I will know if I have too much water on my lungs and I will get myself to the hospital if need be, but I am not playing the scale game anymore.  There is just something not right about one medication that has so many side effects. If the payoff wasn't the most beautiful thing to come into my life since I gave birth to Wallene I would be throwing the bottle out the window right along with my scale.  Life is about weighing** balancing the good and the bad and as many and as varied as the side effects of this med are, the simple fact remains - I feel like Janine again. The old me. The me I want to be. For Pooldad, for the kids and for you guys. My friends.  I figure I get to enjoy my curves until Easter and [God willing] by then I will be in remission. For that I will happily go back to being skinny stick girl again since my other meds will still [and always will] be in the mix. 

Now if you will excuse me it is time to warm up the hamsters. I have yet another doctor's appointment this afternoon. Funnily enough it is just a check up - a check up to make sure the side effects haven't killed me. ::grinning::

Smile LOUD Tadpoles, 'cause life is a gift.  Happy Lenten season to all of you and we'll see ya' on the flipside.

**Not even I wanted to write that bad of a pun right there, okay?
And yes, that is my real name. Let's just keep that between you and I okay? ::wink:: It's a one time thing. Love you guys!


colenic said...

Hope Pooldad is on the other side of this cold and starts to feel better soon...
I heard your smile in your post...hope you are well...and that the drs appointment goes well.
Love ya!

Tony Van Helsing said...

I think the fact that the Pope is a very old man had more to do with his resignation than your desire to become a Catholic. Are you sure you want to be one. I have only ever been to one Catholic church service and it seemed to go on for years. I actually fell asleep. I'm not much of a church goer even though I used to go to Methodist church every Sunday when I was a kid.
Hope the old feller gets over his cold soon.

Tracy said...

I told my husband that it was refreshing that the Pope put the Church first in announcing his resignation. Pope John Paul I was my pope...he got picked on my birthday.

life in the mom lane said...

I too send out get better wishes to Pooldad!!! And I agree with Tracy- the fact that the Pope resigned shows not only class but a true caring for the church and all Catholics. He truly is a servant of God and could've easily stayed on, but he does not put ego before the needs of the church.

thisisme said...

I think the Pope was actually thinking of what was best for the Catholic Church when he made that momentous decision. Poor old Pooldad has been really suffering, hasn't he. Let's hope he is back to his normal chirpy self very soon now. Enough is enough, tell him!! It must be wonderful to feel like your old self again. I understand completely. We had our pancakes last evening for Shrove Tuesday.

Jean said...

I don't know why but life really does seem to throw wrenches in a lot of things. Still, maybe Pooldad's cold will slow you down so you might build up some strength and not overdo it too quick. And as long as the water is on your hips and not your lungs, we'll be happy with the extra for as long as it lasts. I could donate some real fat if such a thing were possible.
As for the Pope - he just knew a younger man was needed to keep tabs on you when he would be accountable for you and you were feeling better. Or maybe he's retired to make you his full time job. Didn't think of that did you?

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Glad you're feeling "Skippy" again, and I know you're sorry Pooldad isn't feeling up to snuff, but I also know you've gotta be enjoying being well enough to take care of him. (But don't YOU get that cold!)

I'm quite sure the Pope's resignation didn't have anything to do with your impending conversion. HA! He's doing what's right for the church. They'll be fortunate to have you in the fold.

Keep smiling. 12:34

CWMartin said...

You feel better and he gets sick. You join the church and the Pope leaves. Mind telling us which voodoo priest you pissed off?

Jill said...

So glad a about your good news. Just had to say that again. Take good care of hubby. He's lucky to have you there by his side.