Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Holy Time Flies Tadpoles

Wow. Just a quickie post today, but I have to ask because I need to know.

How in the heck do you guys get all you get done in a day?  Have I forgotten something?  Where does the time go? And I don't even work outside of the home which makes my progress to clearing my checklist today pretty pathetic.

I don't know what's going on but I go to do a task or a chore and suddenly the clock is telling me my husband or a kid is going to be walking in the door any minute and it looks as tho' I haven't done anything?  It isn't organization, it's just things just take so much longer than I remember? Huh. I don't know. It isn't age or my illnesses, because I feel like a million bucks, but running to the store, putting dinner on and cleaning the bathroom has consumed my ENTIRE DAY and I am not even done with the bathroom.

Oh, and I fibbed about dinner. I have no idea what we're having for dinner. Sue me.

I feel like calling Pooldad and asking him to run some random errand in West Virginia just to buy some time y'know?  He actually prefers I do nothing, he thinks I am over doing it [I'm not, trust me] but I want it nice for him and he can just relax. So. . ..what do YOU do?

[Yes, yes. I KNOW if I got off the blog I may be able to get it done, but my mind. MY MIND won't stop asking these questions. And y'all are the answer. Okay?  Now hush. ::grinning::]
Please leave me any hints or suggestions in comments or please, at least, share what it is you super women and men are doing in your ponds. 'Cause I want some of that.

Hugs and much love Tadpoles. We'll see ya' on the flipside of the Windex. XO Skip


Steven Nicolle said...

I am about to blog about just that. In fact if I ever get around to it. With taking on some lunches now and running errands for my Mom and all the other stuff it appears too busy. Time really goes fast doesn't it?

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

It's a conspiracy. Forget about global warning; don't worry about the fiscal cliff. It's something else altogether, I tell you.

(shhhhh) Come closer... The government has (gasp!) been stealing our time! It's true. Little by little, year after year, the political powers that be snitch a minute here, ten minutes there, and next thing ya know, it's impossible for any of us peons to accomplish in a day what used to be possible ten years ago. Works out great for the politicians, though. Now they have less time to waste on doing absolutely nothing. 12:34

Jean said...

I used to get SO much done when I was younger - every day was planned and busy. Now? I know I do a few things every day - but I don't notice - I think I used to hate the chores and so I noticed doing them. Now, I have a hard time moving but dishes and dinner and tidying all get done - and the cleaning too. But I don't FEEL like I've got anything done at the end of the day. I do avoid shopping. And there are other tasks I avoid - like going through boxes of crap. I'd like to know what people do with all the stuff that you can't throw out but it just clutters up wherever you put it. Or you can't remember where it is so you buy new.

thisisme said...

If I didn't go onto facebook as soon as I woke up, and if I got my bum off blogger, believe me, I would get a whole lot more done than I do! Personally, I loved Susan's comment that it is the Government that is stealing our time. I'm retired, but I just can't believe how quickly the weeks (and months!) just fly by. I don't like it!! See you again soon. Hugs x

SkippyMom said...

Hey Jeannie - you just summed up the four, FOUR crockpots didn't you? ::giggling:: Love ya girlie.

And yes, I have to agree with Susan too. Let's blame the government.

Now of course this blog, Susan's and This' will all be monitored for future activity that the governments that are stealing our time. WE KNOW! Eeek!

life in the mom lane said...

Well for one thing I do not make everything from scratch like you do... that is time consuming! I'll cheat like tonite a grab a roasted chicken & Caesar salad from Costco for dinner.

london_cabby said...

Hey SM how you doing? Haven't seen any comments from you in a while but then again I don't post too often either do I lol. Hope all well with you anf yours.
Take care.

Linda said...

It must be a gov't plot! Thanks for clearing that up, Susan.

The older I get, the less I get done. There is no longer three kids with laundry, and cooking required of me. Until I get the three surgeries, back, meniscus, and torn rotator cuff, I will just have to be slow. And, I never get it all done, so it is piling up.

EM Illustrator said...

Time seems to fly the older we get, I've noticed lately. At times it seems like it's just Monday Friday Monday Friday....and the weekend is over just like that...

mybizzykitchen.com said...

I get up early - I get up at 6:30 and I don't have to leave my house for work until 8:00.

I download pictures, blog, read chicagotribune.com, make breakfast, lunch. This morning I did a load of laundry (wash, dried AND folded!).

I actually love that ME time in the morning. :D Hugs to you!!

SapphireBlue said...

I have to admit my time management skills are terrible.

Knitty said...

Knitting all day, watching DVR'd programs and making up excuses is time consuming work! I hardly have time to sleep! And stress...good grief. I have a delusional doctor who thinks I should be exercising. I am. I am exercising my right to do what I want. So there.

I should have been less of a goody two shoes as a kid and rebelled at little then instead of saving it all up for now. I am Knitty...hear me roar!

Oh wait, the doors and windows are shut tight because it is so flippin' cold outside. Shivering is exercise, right?

I think I just killed 15 minutes sitting here thinking about his. You are a bad influence!

Jill said...

I always start the day with a list of what I want to accomplish that day, sometimes I even write it down but sometimes I don't. It never fails to amaze me how few of the items on the list I actually do get done. Like you said it seems that even the little things just take so much longer than I think they will. Today just sorting through three days worth of mail and tending to those pieces that needed something done took me way longer than I had figured.

Then I only did three loads of laundry but before I could even gather up the dirty laundry I had to empty the washbaskets holding clean laundry from the other day. And on and on.

Then there's the age issue. I start out strong at the beginning of the day, then peter out as the day goes on. Then I tell myself, oh I'll just do the cleaning tomorrow instead of today. And on and on.

But there is one thing I am fairly certain of: when I am on my deathbed you will not hear me say I wish I had done more cleaning and housework. As much as I want to keep my house in order and put decent meals on the table there are so many other things that are sometimes more worth my time.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

When I was a working mom, I thought the daytime hours when I was at work were infinite. If I could just have a day off I could get 100 million things done because the day would be so ridiculously long without that pesky job getting in the way.

So when I quit to stay home with my son, the first couple days were really infinitely long. I walked around the house ecstatic. I would do a few loads of laundry, make the beds, make an art project with my son, bake bread, plant flowers and then I'd look at the clock and it would be 10:30 a.m.

That lasted about a day. By the second week, I would do a few loads of laundry, make one bed and look at the clock and it would be time for my husband to get home from work.

Damnit, how does that work?