Monday, January 17, 2011

Enchiladas a la' Betty [Wallene] Crocker

One of Pooldad's favorite foods [when we eat out] is chicken enchiladas.  Not being a huge fan I seemed to have neglected making them for him, well...I have never made them for him.

::bad wife::

When trying to decide what was for dinner tonight I actually suggested chicken enchiladas.

[ Why, yes, I am hoping for chocolates later this week, why do you ask?]

Since I have never made them I went online and snagged the simplest recipe I could find and came up with this one:

Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Then Wallene stepped in and offered to prepare dinner.

They look like this [ignore the picture on the website - they didn't spread the cheese enough]:

And this:
Tomato, lettuce and spring onion garnish with mexicorn side
These are so, so yummy. 

I don't know what I was thinking never having eaten one, but these are delicious.

And Wallene deems them one of the quickest, easiest dinners we have ever had.

She should know. She's the chef!

This is definitely a keeper Tadpoles.


Bouncin' Barb said...

She's something in the kitchen! Does she have a chef's hat yet? Those look delicious!

bruce said...

yummy...Wallene IS a keeper!

i had bacon and ham nachos!

i know right! superyummy

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Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

yum yum yum. she can come and cook those at my house any day she wants to. i fixed hamburgers and penne pasta/veggie blend.

not nearly as good looking as those.

Anonymous said...

Wallene Crocker - so very cute. What an awesome kid.

becca said...

omg those look amazing..YUM

Life in the mom lane said...

Those sound and look good!!!!

hed said...



qandlequeen said...

Funny, we were just talking about making enchiladas! Interesting recipe - we'll have to check it out.

Sandra said...

Ok. Send her over. Now. I'm hungry. And there's no way those would be quick if I was making them. Can you say 'slowpoke!'
Tell her they look more delicious than anything at any of the Mexican restaurants I've been to!

Roundabout said...

Yum! Thats one of our favorite dinners. You've got a great kid!I hope my girls cook us dinner when they're old enough.

Rudee said...

They look so tasty.

The Restaurant Manager said...

Those look so good!! I'm starving!

Anonymous said...

My mom makes the best enchiladas. Seriously, I'm so glad that I know how to make them now as they are of pure awesomeness! Well the cheesy kind at least haha.

Mynx said...

They look really tasty. Wonder if I can find the ingrediants here.

Odie Langley said...

I love mexican food and really should try that one. Thanks for the idea.

Jeannie said...

I would never make anything using so many processed foods (I'd let my kids or husband do it though) BUT the idea looks good. I think I would like them with flour tortillas. The only kind I've ever had was in Mexico in the resorts where they'd been sitting for ages and they were made with corn tortillas. Just not my cup of tea at the time. The funny thing is, I've got the unformed/unfried corn tortillas in my freezer and should do something with them.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, but dishes my husband loves and I don't rarely make it in the dinner rotation - but I try to make him meatloaf every couple weeks and tuna noodle casserole.

Yep, kinda just threw up in my mouth a little at the tuna casserole!

Have a great day!

Thisisme. said...

Well done to Wallene - you can send her over here to us any time you like!! They look delicious.

RV Vagabonds said...

Okay, I figure if Wallene can make these delicious looking enchiladas, I ought to be able to make 'em. Had to go to the store for a lot of the fixings, although I do have some gen-u-wine New Mexico frozen green chiles that will burn the tongue out of your mouth. I'll let you know how they turn out.

word vert: refor. We will also have refor beans with the enchiladas.

Amy said...

We LOVE chicken enchiladas. Next time add half a block of cream cheese to the chicken filling. It makes the THAT much better.

Sally said...

I am definitely going to try this version of enchiladas. I've been searching for a recipe that suits me and just haven't found it yet. I hope this is the one :-)

Yum Yucky said...

[ignore the picture on the website - they didn't spread the cheese enough] LOL! My oldest likes Enchildas, but I, too, have ignored this important fact for uhhh, 4 years now? I'm making these soon, both to make my kid happy AND to pretend I'm eating dinner with the Skippy family. xo