Monday, November 1, 2010

The Tessa/Skippy Challenge - Day One [Let's Call it a Cheer A Thon!]

Tessa and I have joined up to cheer eachother on in our journey to eat healthy.  I am trying to keep to my prescribed sodium limit while Tessa is working her way to weight loss.

I made her a deal - I would stick [or try to stick - eek!] to my 1000 mg a day of sodium if she would work at keeping her caloric level at what she felt is comfortable for her.  She attends TOPS and it is a great program that [I believe] uses caloric intake and exercise as a way in which to lose weight.  Awesome!  Go check out her blog - not only will you fall in love with Tess - you will just about want to gobble up all the new grandbabies she is being blessed with lately! [::Jealous! Babies!::]

The best part of this challenge is we want you all to join - Want to exercise more?  Hop aboard and post about it.  Do you desire to stop smoking?  We are in your corner!  Need to lose weight or gain weight?  We are your go to ladies.  Heck - are you trying to save money, get out of debt? Let's all cheer eachother on.  This is meant to be fun and helpful - we are here to support eachother.

If you want to hook up just go over to Tessa's and let her know and we can all be in this together.  Nothing is more supportive than good friends that are working on something to improve their lives together.  Am I right?

Everyday I am going to post my sodium level at the end of my blog post.  I may write about things like helicopters in my backyard or why Wallene is named Wallene or why I sleep in my bathroom but please appreciate the little sodium aside at the end of each entry.

It's for a good reason - and what friends are for.*

My sodium for the day:
Breakfast: 7 mg
Lunch:  530 mg
Dinner: 480 mg
Beverages:  75 mg
Total:  1092 [It was the Oreos I swear.  Lil' suckers have 160 mg per 3 cookies. Dang!]

*Can someone explain to me why I am incapable of not ending a sentence in a preposition.  It drives me batty.


colenic said...

YAY!! Awesome job skippy!! that's a great way to start the challenge...hugs..

Bouncin' Barb said...

You guys are awesome. What a great idea.

Tessa said...

Hey Skippy, looks like we both had a good day. I'm looking forward to tomorrow already.

Phelan said...

good luck!

SkippyMom said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement gang! And yes Tessa I think we both started out great. I definitely need to rethink my Oreo cookie consumption tho' - but they are my favorites. lol and 160 mg of sodium isn't awful for 3 cookies, but it does eat into my total a bit, y'know. yikes.

ellen abbott said...

Salt is in everything! Hubby has high blood pressure so we don't use much salt here (when I need my salt fix, I eat potato chips). And we had to stop buying a lot of prepared foods, like lunch meat and spaghetti sauce.

Rudee said...

Unless one tries such a low sodium diet, one has no clue how tough it can be. Good for you, Skippy. That's impressive.

Here's a little quote generally attributed to Winston Churchill:

Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put. said...

Love the challenge - I think I'll post my average blood sugars at the end of each post - thanks for the idea! :D

Jeannie said...

I like the idea but I'm not a joiner. Being under pressure makes me rebel. I could do with losing some weight though.

Jeannie said...

I like the idea but I'm not a joiner. Being under pressure makes me rebel. I could do with losing some weight though.

Sandra said...

Well good luck ladies! Looks good on ya...or at least it will in no time. It's terrific that you have each other.
And, in response to your comment on my post Skippy my darling, I have to admit that I did make the Hep. A, fecal/oral route comment. But in my defense, I'm a nursing student. I have to say this stuff out loud or else I forget it before it's time to write the exam!

hed. said...

Following now because I had been searching for your blog, and it never occurred to me that it was called "I Make Soap". I'll blame it on my cold today!
Hed hed down under