Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day Twelve

Day Twelve:  Something you are never complimented on.

This question confounded me a bit. After reading it a few time I came to the conclusion that it should read "Something that sucks about you but you think you ought to be complimented on" or "A skill or attribute you lack."


I have absolutely no ability to decorate.  Anything. Ever.  No one has ever come into my home and complimented me on my paint colors, furniture placement or [lack of] wall hangings.  [And no I don't want to be complimented lied to about it either.]

I like to think of our house as a home, and I suppose it is, but it really looks like a furniture store with hairballs, day old newspapers and random shoes tossed around.  I don't do area rugs or carpets, I couldn't place a few knick knacks on a table in a eye pleasing arrangement if I tried and you can best forget curtains, throw pillows or candles.

Curtains, throw pillows and candles, oh my!

The thing is I have a lot of stuff.  I have been on this planet a pretty long time [as has my husband] and we have accumulated bunches.  Besides what we pick up here and there we keep inheriting things.  Cool things.  Things of which I have no clue what do with them.  Case in point: The painting "Custer's Last Fight".  Remember that whole diatribe?  Well, yeah - ol' "I am no Martha" Skippy finally hung it in the kitchen. Yes you read that right.  The kitchen. ::shame::

See what I mean?  I am just BAD at this.

I am so bad at it that Wallene took it upon herself to rearrange the living/dining room combo, place flowers and candles about "just so" to make the house more homey for her sister's prom date.  Her exact words "No Mom. No. [steering me to a safe place in the kitchen]  Let me do this. Please.  PLEASE."  The child was begging to do housework and heavy lifting.  That has to tell you something.  Like perhaps she didn't want me to embarrass her sister with my oh-so-not mad skillz?  I am still convinced I saw Squirrel slip Wallene a 10 spot when they thought I wasn't looking.  sigh.

You know you really suck at something when your kids conspire to keep you from doing it.  Yep!

My sodium for Tuesday 11/2 & Wednesday 11/3
Breakfast:  36 mg                        0 mg
Lunch:  0 mg                            630 mg*
Dinner:  335 mg                       310 mg*
Beverages: 75 mg                       48 mg
Total:  446 mg                         1038 mg

[*Keep the turkey slices out of the house Pooldad! But no Oreos!]

Have a great day!


Rudee said...

The only thing arranged right in my home is my yarn. I completely understand.

I don't know how you did it with the sodium. Wow. You could have had 9 oreos...

SkippyMom said...

You crack me up Rudee and you are so right. Damn.

Jeannie said...

I'm sorry - but this cracks me up. I don't see myself as a "decorator" but I DO get compliments - and asked for advice. I am not bragging - I am stymied. Because I do not spend ages shopping for the right stuff. I tend to be more of an "oh shit - I need such and such" and I go to one store and grab the thing that will "do". Usually a discount store.
I do not think that I manage to arrange the knick knacks nicely. (My mother has mad skills for this). I can not arrange flowers to save my life. I am not neat and tidy either.
And yet I receive compliments.
Maybe unlike you, people lie to me.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh girl, you make me laugh. I have this mental pix of Wallene now...just ushering you to safety. Hehehehe.
So what, not everyone is Martha....I had clients when I worked in my friends design studio that were all twitterpated like you. I loved how excited folks got when they "found" their own voice in can but like me and cleaning just avoid it. tee hee. I love you girl. The Olde Bagg

Yum Yucky said...

I suck at house decorating, too. And scrapbooking. And folding clothes in timely fashion. And liking to cook dinner. I suck at ALL these things. Which makes me sound like a terrible mother. Gah!

Rhea said...

haha Love it! I'm not a decorator either. Wish I was. Wish I was more crafty. My mom and sister got the skill but sadly, I don't.

Life in the mom lane said...

This is one area where with the necessary cash available I DO excel.
For some reason decorating has always come easily to me... now have I always had the necessary cash to do what I wanted.. no... but I can make just about anywhere look homey.:) I think this is something that like you said- you either have a knack for it, or you don't! :) said...

That's why I like you - I like to call my decorating sense "early miscellaneous."

Our coach (while gorgeous!) only cost me $100 at a garage sale because the wife bought it before her husband saw it for their basement.

Turns out it filled up 3/4 of their basement - he said "I don't care what you sell it for as long as it isn't here when I get home."

Their loss = my gain, and it fits nicely in our 25x20 living room.

The only brand new piece of furniture I have is our dining table - I love it!! We saved up, paid cash for it, waited the 2 months for delivery (don't know what we were thinking at the time) and we eat on it. . .four or five times a year.

So sad!

Thanks for you comments - and I re-read your post about Walleen's name - love it! :D I actually thought maybe it was a combination of two family names!

Bouncin' Barb said...

I bet you're a great sister and never get a compliment on

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

in one month and 4 days, we will have lived here for three years - yes THREE years. I have nothing on the walls except for a clock in the living room, a picture of me taken at a "make-over studio" (whatever they're called) years ago (it's in the bedroom), a votive candle thing on the fireplaces, and a picture over the bathtub. my house needs a decorator so badly that it's sad. totally sad.

but, i guess i have a better knack with paper.

Tessa said...

Do people really decorate their houses? Oh, oh I am in major trouble here. I have clutter all over the place ........maybe that counts as decorating. If I rearrange the clutter it gives it a new look! I always wanted one of those magazine show homes then realized with kids, grandkids, cats, dogs and a hubby that forgets to take his shoes off at the door, it won't be any time soon. So I have settled for hanging a sign on my door that sums it all up nicely:

"Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog!"

Roundabout said...

I love how your kids take over the decorating when needed! I love to decorate, but its only fun if you really want to do it....otherwise who cares, right? Your the one who lives there!

Melissa Good Taste said...

Hey girlfriend. Sorry i haven't commented in awhile but I have been crazy busy... riding, eating and now beaching. Hope your well! Lots of pictures of Chunk to post....

Khadra said...

I am consuming an ungodly amount of sodium at this moment (while typing here even) and hoping I can get you to email me when you get a chance. Hope all is well in your world :)

crabgoggles at yahoo dot com

Lady Fromage said...

I'm with you. I have no decorating ability at all. Sigh.

I love how you keep track of your sodium. You'd be horrified at my intake... :)

Sandra said...

This is Anonymous Sandra here to comment "anonymously" on your blog post!....I am still laughing at that Skippy! You can navigate through the blogger world but you can't find your way to post anonymously! I love you! Marry me and we will run away in the anonymous sunset together desperately seeking a way to remain anonymous! for some seriousness....bwahahahahaha...not going to happen!
However, I'm sure you could decorate your way out of a wet paper bag if you had to, so don't be so hard on yourself. That whole "30 Days" of picking your soul to shreds is exhausting...are you exhausted yet?
You are doing great though, I wouldn't have made it past day 2.
You go! And what's wrong with Oreos? Are they high in sodium?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love all things domestic, so I am constantly arranging and rearranging. When I have insomnia I sometimes enetertain myself by making different furniture arrangements in my mind. It can be a curse, you know.What I absolutely hate to do is keep up with filing, pay bills and send out late notices ....