Monday, March 22, 2010

What A Nice Way to End the Weekend!

I won!

One of my daily reads is GrubGrade. It is a Foodie blog and they review Fast Food restaurants - I especially love anytime Roy Rogers is mentioned. It is my favorite fast food, but we don't have one too close [30 minutes away] and most of them have been shut down. :( But I will happily drive to use their fixin's bar and they have the absolute best french fries.

I digress.

Anyway - about winning - I am the lucky recipient of a $10 SONIC gift card. If you aren't familiar with SONIC it is a neat chain that you drive into and are fed in your car. The food is pretty good and the drinks are awesome, as are the desserts.

I can't wait to take Pooldad on a date night when I feel better. Thanks GG for gifting me. It really was a nice thing and made my whole week.


Life in the mom lane said...

We just got a Sonic down the road from us last spring- their burgers really are yummy!!!! Enjoy!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Ron's favorite watering hole - Route 44 Diet Limeade with extra lime. His fav...

Linda and Denny/RV Vagabonds said...

Years ago (I'm talking the 80s) Roy Rogers actually had a ham and/or beef wrap. Two decades before its time--it was wonderful. Unfortunately, Roy Rogers disappeared from the Dayton, OH area. There's one in Cinci still and my brother will drive the 100 miles round trip to have one of their burgers.

Word verification; bitioni. Pooldad thought he was going to get some Sonic goodness with SkippyMom, but he only got a bitioni-yun ring.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

I love Sonic's commercials, with those people in the cars. Hilarious! Have fun on your date night, Skip!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Hey, rock on with the Sonic card. Yeah for you.
Now to my missing blog. I am not totally nutz...well yes I am but let's not go there. I deleted the rant...before you got a chance to see how I really roll. So you are right, the sping thing certainly was not a rant just a snarky observation. I'm glad you missed the other tho.....I am the vert word....aspig. nuf said